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Algebra 1 Chapter 1

McDougal Littell

A letter that is used to represent one or more numbers variable
The numbers represented by variables values
A collection of numbers, variables, and operations. variable expression
To find the value of an expression by replacing each variable by a number. evaluating the expression
Writing the units of each variable in a real-life problem to help determine the units for the answer. unit analysis
An expression that uses words to represent a real-life situation. verbal model
The result of a repeated multiplication power
The number of variable that represents the number orf times the base is used as a factor. exponent
The number of variable that is used as a factor in repeated multiplication base
Symbols such as parentheses or brackets that indicate the order in which operations should be preformed. grouping symbols
The rules established to evaluate an expression involving more than one operation. order of operations
A statement formed when an equal sign is placed between two expressions. equation
An equation that contains one or more variables. open sentence
A number that, when subnstituted for the variable in an equation, results in a true statement. solution of an equation
Finding all the solutions of an equation. solving the equation
A sentence formed when an inequality symbol is placed between two expressions. inequality
A number that, when substituted for the variable in an inequality, results in a true statement. solution of an inequality
Writing algebraic expressions, equations, or inequalities that represent real-life situations. modeling
An expression, equation, or inequality that represents a real-life situation. mathematical model
Information, facts, or numbers used to describe something. data
A graph that organizes a collection of data by using horizontal or vertical bars to display how many times each event or number occurs in the collection. bar graph
A graph that uses line segments to connect data points. It is especially useful for showing changes in data over time. line graph
A rule that establishes a relationship between two quantities, called the input and the output. For each input, there is exactly one output. function
A table used to describe a function by listing the inputs and outputs. input-output table
The collection of all input values of a function. domain
The collection of all output values of a function. range
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