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Chemicals Chapter 11

chemical risks and benefits

What is a substance that has a defined composition called? Chemical
What do we call a drug that is used to cure, prevent or treat illness or discomfort? medicine
Why type of chemical can be found in nature or made by natural processes? natural chemical
What type of chemical is not found in nature and is not made by natural processes? synthetic chemical
What is the power of a medicine to produce a desired effect called? potency
What is the quantity of medicine that needs to be taken over a period of time. dose
What is a chemical that prevents or slows down the spoiling of food? food preservative
What poison do farmers use to kill insects, weeds, and other crop pests? pesticide
What do farmers add to soil to improve its quality? fertilizer
___ is the pratice of providing sewage and solid waste disposal, clean water and clean living conditions. sanitation
What type of chemicals are plastics, aspirin, and windex? synthetic chemicals
Name a natural medicine. penicillin
What are organisms that live where they are not wanted called? pests
Farmers use pesticides and fertilizers to increase ____ ____. crop yield
Symptoms that occur from a medicine that differ from what's intended are called? side effects
This disease can be brought on by cigarette smoke, air pollution, and aerosol sprays. asthma
What do we call chemicals that cause cancer? carcinogens
What birth defect can result in a child being born small, brain damage, and mental retardation? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
This disease is associated with the body's ability to use sugar for energy diabetes
What is coming in contact with a disease called? exposure
What's it called when some people are more likely to react to dangerous chemicals than others? individual susceptibility
Examples of natural chemicals air, water, protein, plants
What is a disease that causes your immune system to attack certain cells called? autoimmune disease
What chemical is used to kill bacteria in wastewater? chlorine
Name a carcinogen that causes liver cancer. alcohol
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