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Tolzmann Cap. 4C

Cap. 4C Regular and Irregular ER/IR Verbs

venir to come
vengo I come
vienes you come
viene he/she/you formal comes
venimos we come
venís you (plural, informal) come
vienen they come
Ir to go
voy I go
vas you go
va he/she/you formal go
vamos we go
vais you (plural/informal) go
van they go
tener to have
tengo I have
tienes you have
tiene he/she/you formal have
tenemos we have
tenéis you (plural,informal) have
tienen they have
comer to eat
como I eat
comes you (informal) eats
come he/she/you formal eats
comemos we eat
coméis you (plural,informal) eat
comen they eat
escribir to write
escribo I write
escribes you write
escribe he/she/you formal writes
escribimos we write
escribís you (plural,informal) write
escriben they write
abrir to open
abro I open
abres you open
abre he/she/you formal opens
abrimos we open
abrís you (plural,informal) open
abren they open
asistir to attend
asisto I attend
asistes you (informal) attend
asiste he/she/you formal attends
asistimos we attend
asistís you (plural, informal) attend
asisten they attend
beber to drink
bebo I drink
bebes you drink
bebe he/she/you formal drinks
bebemos we drink
bebéis you (plural, informal) drink
beben they drink
interrumpir to interrupt
interrumpo I interrupt
interrumpes you interrumpt
interrumpe he/she/you formal interrumpts
interrumpimos we interrupt
interrumpís you (plural, informal) interrupt
interrumpen they interrupt
leer to read
leo I read
lees you read
lee he/she/you formal reads
leemos we read
leéis you (plural, informal) read
leen they read
correr to run
corro I run
corres you run
corre he/she/you formal runs
corremos we run
corréis you (plural, informal) run
corren they run
hago I do/make
haces you do/make
hace he/she does/makes
hacemos we do/make
hacéis you guys do/make
hacen they do/make
pongo I put/place
pones you put/place
pone he/she puts/places
ponemos we put/place
ponéis you guys put/place
ponen they put/place
traigo I bring
traes you bring
trae he/she brings
traemos we bring
traéis you guys bring
traen they bring
I know
sabes you know
sabe he/she knows
sabéis you guys know
saben they know
veo I see
ves you see
ve he/she sees
vemos we see
veis you guys see
ven they see
salgo I leave/go out
sales you leave/go out
sale he/she leaves/goes out
salimos we leave/ go out
salís they leave/go out
salir to leave/go out
ver to see
hacer to make/do
poner to put/place
traer to bring
saber to know
Created by: bhtolzmann



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