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Spelling Words

Commonly Misspelled Words

Acceptable It’s ok
Accidentally Not on purpose
Accommodate Make arrangements to help someone in particular
Acquire Gain or get
Acquit Found innocent of a crime
Apparent Clear or obvious
Argument 1) a fight, 2) a reason.
Believe Think or hope.
Calendar A chart that shows days and months
Category A group of one kind of thing
Changeable Changes a lot
Committed Loyal to a course of action
Conscience An inner sense of right and wrong
Conscientious Reliable
Conscious Awake
Equipment Tools
Exhilarate Become excited or overjoyed
Exceed To pass a certain limit
Existence Actually being, life, reality
Experience Practice doing something
Foreign From another country
Fourth 4th
Gauge An instrument for measuring something
Generally Usually
Grammar Rules about how to use words and punctuation
Grateful Thankful
Guarantee Promise
Harass Bother, bully
Height How tall a thing is
Ignorance Lack of knowledge
Immediate Right now
Independent Works without help
Indispensable Can’t do without it
Maintenance Keeping something in working order
Miniature Tiny
Noticeable Obvious, able to be seen
Occasion Event
Occasionally Now and then
Occurred It happened
Parallel To lines that never intersect
Possession Something you own
Preferable What you would like to see happen
Referred Sent by someone’s recommendation, submitted
Reference A person or thing that recommends something else
Relevant Important, necessary
Restaurant A place where people eat
Ridiculous Silly, absurd
Rhythm The beat
Schedule A plan for the day
Scissors An object used to cut paper, fabric, or string
Sensible Smart, logical
Separate To divide
Special Not ordinary
Success Reaching a goal
Tomorrow The day after today
Twelfth 12th
Definitely For sure
Disappear Make invisible
Discipline Self-control gained by following rules or having rules enforced
Drunkenness Had too much alcohol
Embarrass Make self-conscious or uncomfortable
Intelligence Brains, ability to pick up on ideas
Knowledge What you know
Leisure Free time
Privilege A special advantage
Questionnaire Survey
Receive Get
Recommend Say something is good and deserves to be chosen
Vacuum 1) absence of objects or gases, 2) tool for cleaning carpets
Vicious Mean, dangerous
Weather Sunny, rainy, windy, etc.
Weird Strange
Created by: focushope