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psych midterm

which of the following sequences best reflects the order of events in a typical experimental session informed consent -> experiment -> debriefing
which of the following is not a drawback of archival research it is expensive to conduct
driving to work one day, owen suspects that drivers talking on their cell phones pay less attention to the road than do other drivers. this hypothesis would most likely be tested by a _______________psychologist cognitive
with respect to the psychology of emotion, william james and john dewey would be most interested in how emotions aid ones adaption to the envrionment
which of the following individuals is least likely to be a psychologist everett, who has an MD degree
which of the following were mentioned in your text as disadvantages of introspection both a and b
fiona helps students with ADHD develop effective study regimes and strategies. Fiona is probably a _____ psychologist counseling
which brain imaging technique below is correctly matched with its description eeg- records the brains electrical activity with scalp electrodes
which of the following sequences accurately reflects the route followed by nerve impulses b. dendrite-> cell body-> axon
Yves has been drinking. Apparently, Yves ______ is functioning poorly b. cerebellum
which of the following statements best describes the relationship between the amount of motor cortext devoted to the control of a particular movement, and the degree of precision required by the movement there is a positive correlation
broca's area is to wenickes area as ________ is to _________ d. language production, language comprehension
electrical wires are generally protected by a tube of plastic. a similar insulating function is performed in the nervous system by a, myelin
the branch of spychology that seeks to identify behavior patterns that ae a result of our genetic inheritance from our ancestors is c. evolutionary psychology
suppose each pixel on your TV screen or computer monitor codes the color of an image at that point in terms of red, blue, and green values. this closely resembles a. the way color is represented in the retina
we can detect a single drop of perfume diffused in an area the size of a one bedroom apartment this is a(n) a. absolute threshold
in a typical psychophysical experiment, absolute threshold is a ______ variable; in a graph, a measure of absolute threshold appears on the ___ axis b. dependent; y
which of the following sequences accurately reflects the order in which light passes through the structures of the eye during vision d. cornea -> pupil -> lens -> retina
the bones in hte middle ear include each of the following except c. saddle
the optic nerve is composed of the axons of b. ganglion cells
the supertaster phenomenon d. both a and c
REM sleep is sometimes called active sleep for all of the following reasons except d. the activity of skeletal muscles increase during REM sleep
circadian rhthems are regulated by c. both a and b
a space time anomaly catapulted a group of 19th century psychologists to this years APA conference. altough jamse and titchener seek a conduit back to 1899, freud and watson discuss the conferences proceedings thus far. which of the two would would like d. both would be very comfortable
approximately what proportion of the population can be hypnotized b. most people can be hypnotized, but not all
according to your text the average child in the united states has viewed _______ murders on network TV by the time he or she graduates from elementary school. c. thousands of
in pavlovs study, UCS was ___________; the neutral stimulus was _____: and finally the CS was __________ b. meat, the bell, the bell
andrea has a needle phobia. which pair below correctly identifies a stimulus or response in the conditioinng of her phobia d. all of these
why might tolman's latent learning results pose a problem for strict, skinnerian views of learning c. both a and b
according to your text, people play slot machines so enthusiastically because both b and c
the process by which a stimulus increases the likelihood that a preceeding behavior will be repeated is called reinforcement
an analytical learning style is most likely to be displayed by b. caucasian and asian american males
sherly makes pleasant small talk and pays her boss a copliment before asking for a personal day, because such a strategy was successful with a few of her previous bosses. This example most clearly illustrates a. stimulus generalization
which pair below incorrectly identifies a stimulus or response in watson and rayners little albert study a. neutral stimulus-noise
which of the following statements is supported by research b. recognition is generally easier than recall
according to the levels of processing appraoch, students who memorize their lecture notes adn information from their texts are processing at d. shallow levels
which of the following statements best expresses the reltaionship among representations, images, and concepts b. algorithm
middle aged mrs. lovett is recalling her first christmas as a young newlywed at her in laws wyoming ranch. this is a(n) ________ memory c. all of these
according to your text, which theory of forgetting has the least empirical research support a. decay
flashbulub memories are often c. both a and b
how might you describe the shape of the function relating the probability of an items recall to the items position on a list d. an inverted u shape
which of the following test incorrectly completes this analogy:fluid intelligence is to crystallized intelligence as _________ is to )_____________ c. a vocabulary test ; a digit memory test
the formula for intelligen quotient as Binet defined it is b. MA/ CA x 100
your text states when a perpetrator displays a weapon, it acts like a perceptual magnet" this statement suggest that a weapons effect on eyewitness memor occurs mainly during a encoding
alzheimers disease is on of the top ______ causes of death among adults in the united states b five
the first psycholofists to emphasize the importance of constructive processes in memory was a. bartlett
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