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Name the four types of friction. static,sliding, rolling, and fluid
How does static friction occur? Two surfaces that are not moving past each other
Give an example of static friction A house sitting on land answers may vary
What is the purpose of aerodynamic design? It offers the least resistance to air flow
Why do golf balls have dimples in them? The dimples offer the least resistance to air flow and allows the ball to travel faster and straighter.
A car turns right without slowing down. Is there an unbalanced force present? Yes
A spacecraft moves in one direction at a constant speed. Is there an unbalanced force present? No
A cyclist coasts downhill, going faster and faster. Is there an unbalanced force present? Yes
What is the SI unit for acceleration? meters per second squared
Acceleration is caused by a__________. Force
Is friction a force? Yes
How does friction act on any object? Friction always acts in a direction to oppose motion
When two solid objects come into contact, the friction is mainly due to what? Due to irregularities in the two surfaces
Is air resistance fluid friction? Yes
If the net force is zero, what is the acceleration? Zero
Zookeepers life a stretcher that holds a sedated lion. The total mass of the lion and stretcher is 175 kg, and the lion's upward acceleration is 0.657 meters per second squared. What is the unbalanced force? 115 N
A baseball accelerates downward at 9.8 meters per second squared. If the gravitational force acting on the baseball is 1.4 N, what is the baseball's mass? 0.14 kg
A sailboat and its crew have a combined mass of 655 kg. If the sailboat experiences an unbalanced force of 895 N pushing it forward, what is the sailboat's acceleration? 1.37 meters per second squared
Why do trucks have large caps? Trucks can go faster because air flows over the caps instead of hitting the truck directly
Name some good things and some bad things about friction. answers will vary
Created by: william myricks