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PSY2012 midterm

a sample is chosen to represent a larger population and asked a series of questions survey research
examines existing data to conform hypothesis archival research
intensive investigation of an individual or a small group case study
observation of naturally occuring behavior, without making a change in the situation naturalistic research
which of the following sequences best reflects the order of events in a typical experimental session informed consent -> experiment-> debriefing
which of the following is not a drawback of archival research it is expensive to conduct
driving to work one day, owen suspects that drivers talking on their cell phones pay less attention. This hypothesis would most likely bes tested by a ___________ psychologist cognitive
with respecto the the psychology of emotion, william james and john dewey would be most interested in how emotions aid ones adaption to the environment
the question of whether psychs should concentrate on observation behavior or internal mental processes goes back to psychology's earliest days
currently women earn _____ of new psychology doctorate degrees in the united states 75%
which of the following states best expresses the relationship between a sample and a population a population includes a sample
which of the following is not one of your texts three newer branches of psychology's family tree cognative psychology
which of the following statements best expresses the aim of the functionalist perspective functionalism seeks to determine how the mind operates
"ok, what does a correlation tells us" ZOe asks the members of her psychology study group. Who's right Yvone or will both yvone and will are right
recall watsons "give me a dozen healthy infants" quote. where 1= extreme nature and 10= extreme nurture, where would watson place on the nature v nurture 9 or 10
the field of phrenology is associated with Gall
which of the following individuals is least likely to be a psychologist everett, who has an MD degree
at a dui check, some cars are stopped at random. the cars that are stopped may be considered a _________ of all the cars that pass by the checkpoint sample
how much psychological reserach involves deception a small proportion
wundt began operating the first psychology lab in 1879
dr petrovic tries to help his clients see how their behavior reflects choices they have made. he is most likely a ____ therapist humanistic
which of the following were mentioned in your text as disadvantages of introspection both a and b
latane and darley examined the influence of the number of bystanders on hte likelihood that an individual would help someone in distress. their investigation exemplifies the subfield of _______ psychology in the contemprary psychology social
between which pair of values is one most likely to find a positive correlation gpa and amount of studying
opposites attract, birds of a feather flock together, these aphorisms are hypotheses
which of the following correclation reflects the strongest relationship -.75
Fiona helps students with ADHD develop effective study habbits. fiona is probably a _______________ psychologist counseling
a bundle of nerves that leaves the brain and runs down the length of the back, transmits messages between the brain and the body spinal cord
acts to prepare the body in stressful emergency situations, engaging resources to respond to a threat sympathetic division
consists of the brain and spinal cord central nervous system
consists of the brain and the neurons extending throughout the body nervous system
specializes in the control of the voluntary movements and teh communication of information to and from the sense organs somatic division(voluntary)
made up of long axons and dendrites, it contains all the parts of the nervous system other then the brain and spinal cord peripheral nervous system
acts to calm the body after an emergency situation has engaged the sympathetic division parasympathetic division
an organ roughly half the size of a loaf of bread that constantly controls behavior brain
concerned with the parts of the body that function involuntarily without our awareness autonomic division (involuntary)
the thalamus may be likened to a transmitter
perhaps the main reason that neurons can communicate over relatively great distances within the body is the fact that neurons contain a long axon
kate has sufferened right hemisphere damage. which is least likely to be affected balancing her checkbook
zeke is complteely aware of his surroundings but cant move or communicate/ suffering from locked in syndrome
which of the following terms best describes the organization of the nervous system hierarchical
which of the following expressions best approximates the number of nerve cells in the nervous system either b or c. theyre the same
regarding the spinal cords control of behavior, which of the following is true the spinal cord can control some simple reflexes without the brains help
which of the following sequence correctly identifies and orders the lobes of the cortex from anterior to posterior frontal-> temporal and parietal-> occipital
which brain imaging technique below is correctly matched with its description EEG
as an action potential occurs, the neurons electrical charge changes from negative to postive
which of the following sequences accurately reflects the route followed by nerve impulses when one neuron communicates with another dendrite->cell body-> axon
inhibitory is to excitatory as ______ is to ________ GABA; acetylcholine
Yves has been drinking. He has difficulty alking a straight line. Apparently, Yves _____ is functioning poorly cerebellum
which of the following statements best describes the relationship between the amount of motor cortex devoted to the control of a particular movement, and the degree of precision required by the movement there is a positive correlation
which of the following alternatives best expresses quoted phrase in terms of correlation coefficient >.00 and <1.00
brocas area is to wernickes area as ________ is to _______ language production, language comprehension
electrical wires are generally protected bya tube of plastic. a similar insulating function is performed in the nervous system by myelin
dr. ewing is advising a young women the risks involved in potential pregnancy. dr ewing is an genetic counselor
the branch of psychology that seeks to identify behavior patterns that are a result of our genetic inheritance from our ancestors is evolutionary psychology
by locating radiation within the brain, a computer can provide a tricking picture of brain activity PET
electrodes placed aroudn the skull record the electrical signals transmitted through the brain EEG
the technique provides a three d view of the brain by aiming magnet fMRI
maintains breathing and heartbeat medulla
controls bodily balance cerebellum
coordinates and integrates muscle movements pons
activates other parts of the brain to produce general bodily arousal reticular formation
an in depth intensive investigation of a nindivual or small group of people is a case study. T or F true
theories are broad explanations and predictiosn concerning phenomena of interest. T or F True
humanistic perspective is the approach that focuses on how people think, understand, and know about the world. T or F false
consider the term psychophscis/ pyscho is to _____ as physics is to both b and c
suppose each pixel on your tv screen or computer monitor codes the color of an image at that point in terrms of red blue and green values- this closely resembles the way color is represented in the retina
in most common form of colorblindness red adn green objects appear yellow
we can detect a single drop of perfume diffused in an area the size of a one bedroom apartment. this is a (n) absolute threshold
frequency is to amplitdue as ____ is to _____ pitch, loudness
emotional and cognitive influences on the experience of pain both b and c
in a typical psychophysical experiment, absolute threshold is a ____ variable; in a graph, a measure of absolute threshold appears on the ------ axis dependent, y
which of the following sequences accurately reflects the order in whcih light passes through the structures of the eye during vision cornea->pupil-> lens-> retina
currently, artifical retinas rely on teh continued functioning of a few healthy photoreceptors
the bones of the midder ear include each of the following except saddle
which of the following sequences expresses bottom up processing, if indeed any of them do you see whats in front of you
according to your text, a major function of ganglion cells is to detect regions of light and dark in teh visual image
which of the following strucutres of the eye is correctly matching with its function pupil- light regulates the amount of light entering the eye
the optic nerve is composed of the axons of ganglion cells
youre in the mall, looking at a blue sweater, how do you know its blue both and a nd b
which region of the ear is correctly matched with a general description of its function outer ear-collection
with respect to vision,what exactly is constant in perceptual constancy our perception of the environment
retinitis pigmentoas is a disorder in which receptor cells in the retina degenerate
the supertaster phenomenon both a and c
how does light therapy seem to work it stimulates the production of healing enzymes
yours bodys own painkillers are called endorphins
which of the following is a shortcoming of trichromatic theory it doesnt offer an adequate explanation of the perception of after images
your instructor is making reference to a monocular depth cue known as linear perspective
cross cultural studies have shown that the zulu in africa are _________ susceptible to the mullery lyer illsuion; this ______ the top down explanation less, supports
why might contemporary mainstream psychologists reconsider the possiblity that esp exists the topic has been adressed by a credible, presitiougs peer-reviewed psyhological journal
information relevant to daily survival is reconsidered and reprocessed dreams for survival theory
dreams are the result of random activation of variosu memories which are tied together in al ogical story line activation synthesis theory
dreams represent unconscious wishes the dreamer wants to fulfill unconcscious wish fulfillment theory
which early psychologist rejected the study of consciousness as unsuitable for psychology watson
lsd and ecstacy influence hte operation of the neurotransmitter _________ in the brain serotonin
REM sleep is sometimes called active sleep for all of the following reasons except the activity of the skeletal muscles increase during REM sleep
circadian rhthems are regulated by both a and b
ester dreams that she is flying. which of the following statements is false flying is the latent content
a sapce time anomaly catapulted a group of 19th century psychologists to this years APA conference. Which of the two would be most comfortable with the current study of consciousness in pyschology both would be very comfortable with it
empirical reserach reveals that on average, people spend about _____ percent of their time daydreaming ten
approximately what proportion of hte population can be hypnotized most people can be hypnotized, but not everyone can be
caffeine mimics the effects of a natural brain chemical called adenosine
continued exstacy use may be associted with memory difficulties
consequences of longer term mairjuana use include which of the following both of these
approx what proportion of female college students report having been the target of an unwanted sexual advance by a drunken classmate one in four
which of the following figures approximates the percentage of high school seniors who have tried an illegal drug during the past year 40%
according to your text sudden infant death syndrom may reflect sleep apnea
rem sleep is paradoxical becasue the brain is active, but the major skeletal muscles are paralyzed
the nerual mechanisms activated by nicotine are similar to those underlying the effects of cocaine
why precisely, are you not supposed to mix alcochol and downers it can relax the diaphragm to the point that breathing stops
according to your text, ____ is currenthy the most dangerous street drug methamphetamine
demarcus is experiencing night terrors
of the nrem sleep stages, ____ is the shortest and state ____ is the longest 1, 2
methadone removes the phsychological addiction to heroin
learning reflects ___________ and maturation reflects nurture, nature
junes cat runs to the kitche at the sound of the electri can opener, but not when a blender is used. junes cat is demosntarting stimulas discrimination
how might internet or video game breaks be used to increase productivity rather than simply to improve modd and satisfaction both a and b
which of the folllowing psychologists is not assocaited with the study of classical conditioning meither a nor c is associated with classical conditioning
psychologists working within the cognitivie learning perspective go beyond classical and operate conditioning
according to your text, teh average child in the united states have viewed ____ murders on network thousands of
andrea has a needle phobia. which pair below correctly identifies a stimulus or a response in the conditioning of her phobia all of these
in pavlovs study, the UCS was _____ the neutral stimulus was _______, and finally the CD was __________ meat, the bell, the bell
in this study, the similarity of the model to the participant is a _______ variable independent
the cognitive learning approach is relevant to humans, other primates, and lower animalas
the behavior of the driver letting you in is maintained by _______ reinforcement all of these
why might tolmans latenet learning results pose a problem for strict, skinnerian views of learning both a and b
ewan is convinved the woman is sending signals. a learning theorist woudl term such signals as discriminative stimuli
people use slot machiens so enthusiastically because both b and c
dr landry thinks that participants are more likely to imitate the behavior of similar the dissimilar models hypothesis
the process by which a stimulus increases the likelihood that a preceeding behavior will be repeated is called reinforcenment
classical conditioning is the most effective when the neutral stimuls begins just before the ucs begins
which of the following responses is probably learned through classical conditioing feeling anxious before a test
which of the following is the correlation coefficient a researched would most likely obtain between scores on a measure of exposure to media violence and scores on a measure of aggressive behavior .30
an analytic learning style is most likely to be displayed by caucasian and asian american males
this example most clearly illustrates stimulus generalization
which of the following reinforces is incorrecetly categorized moeny-primary reinforce
which pair belove incorrectly identifies a stimulus or response in watson and rayners littler albert study neutral stimulus- noise
observational learning is important from a practical standpoint because both a and b
which cognitive learning theorist is correctly matched with the concept with which he is associated neither of these
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