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GRE Words 51-100****

GRE Words 51-100***************************************************8

ossify turn hard or into bone
precarious unusually advanced for a young age, especially dealing with emotional age.
salubrious dealing with health; salutary
salutary dealing with health; salubrious
sanctimonious a display of belief that is usually intended to mock
sanguinary red or dealing with blood
truncate to cut short
turpitude depraved or execrable in behavior
ameliorate to make better
ageist like racism for old people
convivial friendly of jovial
ersatz a replacement or fiduciary
indolent dormant or torpid
pallor sickly or yellow in color
pejorative negative in connotation
putative reputed as being true
repose to be at rest
trope any sort of metaphor in writing
vale life and everything it encompasses
vestige a trace of something that is now gone
virulent actively poisonous or noxious
desultory lacking in order, messy
cloying making an overly emotional display
aver to assert with confidence
celerity speed or quickness
censorious to e degrading or fault-finding
deprecate to rag on or speak negatively of
extrapolate to expand upon; conjecture
extrinsic superfluous
fetter chains or restraints that binds your legs
malediction a curse
panacea a cure-all
postulate to question, ask, or claim
prevaricate to lie
sallow yellow or sickly in color, wan
unfetter to set free
salacious lustful pictures or photographs; porn
immutable unchangeable
chary wary or cautious
chimerical wildly fanciful
choleric irascible or easily angered
dilatory tardy
fastidious nit picking
fatuous silly, not really believable
fecund fertile
marshal to organize
paragon a perfect example to aspire to
pariah an outcast
prodigious big in size or scope
sequester to squelch or hide away
upbraid to abase
urbane appearing well bread in speech and mannerisms
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