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BAC Chap 9 Nutrients

BAC Chapter 6 Working with Nutrients

calcium __ is a mineral important for building strong bones and teeth. If, over the years, we do not get enough of this, our bones become very weak and brittle. This is known as osteoporosis.
protein Most all the parts of our bodies are made from __ ; hair, skin, blood, organs and muscles. It is needed for cells to grow and repairs healthy cells and tissues. It gives us 4 calories per gram. It is made of chains of amino acids.
carbohydrates ___________________ are the body’s main source of energy. There are three different kinds and include starch, sugar and fiber. They give us the energy we need to do daily activities.
vitamin A ___________________ keeps your skin smooth and the linings of your mouth, nose, throat, lungs, and intestines healthy. It is also needed for healthy eyes. It forms the part of the eye that helps you to see in dim light.
sodium ___________________ is important for keeping a balance in pressure between the inside and outside of the cells. Too much of it can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure may increase the risk for having a heart attack or stroke.
vitamin C ___________________ helps form a cement-like material between the cells. It is needed to heal cuts, wounds, and burns. It is found in fresh fruits like oranges, lemons and cantaloupe and in vegetables such as broccoli and greens like kale and poke.
fat __________________ is an important source of calories. One gram of this supplies 9 calories. Some of it that we eat comes from what we add in cooking or spread on breads or vegetables. Much is hidden in snack foods, pastries or prepared meals.
iron Red blood cells need __ to carry oxygen from lungs to cells, muscles and organs. Without enough oxygen, our muscles and organs cannot work properly and we will feel tired and weak.
B vitamins Many different __ , including thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin, work together to help the body use the energy obtained from food. Some are also important in helping the body use protein from the diet to build new cells and tissues.
cholesterol __ is needed by bodies for cells, nerves and brain andis also important in forming hormones and enzymes. We make all we need in the liver, but get it from the foods, too.
fiber __ is a kind of carbohydrate often called roughage or bulk. It isn't digested, but allows the muscles in the intestines to push waste out of the body.
folic acid __ is important for making blood and building cells. It is essential during pregnacy for proper fetal development.
incomplete proteins __ lack one or more amino acids for building cells. A well-balance diet can provide enough variety to make a complete protein.
niacin __ is one of the B vitamins. Like ribloflavin, it helps the body use energy from food and uses protein to build new cells and tissues.
riboflavin __ is also known as B2. Like niacin, it helps the body use energy from food and uses protein to build new cells and tissues.
saturated fats Too much of this can increase the chances of developing heart disease. Hydrogyn is add to this type of fat so it remains solid at room temperature (like margarine).
thiamin __ is also known as B1. It works with other B vitamins to help the body use energy from food. It is found in many whole grain foods as well as baked beans, black beans, black-eyed peas and peanuts.
unsaturated fats __ are usually liquid at room temperature. They do not increase the risk of heart disease, but too much can add extra weight.
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