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A similar set of automatic eyes surveyed the crowds at The NFL Experience, a football-related exhibition __________ to the stadium. adjacent
It________bodily characteristics (the features of the face) to establish a person's identify. analyze
The organizers of any huge sporting event have to___________ trouble and try to stop it before it starts. anticipate
consequent The police might see a crime as it was happening or use the video to help in any ___________investigation consequent
It has stirred some_________about possible threats to the privacy rights of individuals. controversy
Each face seen by the gate-mounted cameras was compared to the________ in local. data
they argue that machines are easily fooled by such simple ______ as hats, new hairstyles, or glasses. device
banks, shopping malls, and government building are already________ with security cameras, and no one has a problem with that. equip
Each face seen by the gate-mounted cameras was compared to the data in local and_________law-enforcement computer systems. federal
one big difference is that a system like the one used at the super bowl __________ "biometric" technology. involve
"Security officials say the face-recognition (FR) system's great benefits __________any small inconvenience" justify
The data included photos of people previously arrested for stealing, causing fights, and other_________ activities. legal
Then Tampa __________ those cameras to link directly to the police department's own database. modify
If a fans picture matched one in the database, security officials could closely __________him or her and perhaps even make an arrest. monitor
A biometric system_________ not just to display or record an event but to instantly identify the people involved in it. undertake
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