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Body temperature reegulation is a problem in premature infants because the ______ is not yet fully functional hypothalamus
Cerebral palsy involves crippling neuromuscular problems and is usally a result of lack of _____ to the infants brain during delivery oxygen
normal maturation of the nervous system occurs in a ________ direction, and fine controls occurs much later than _____ control cepralocuadal, gross
the sympethetic nervous system becomes less effecient as aging occurs, resulting in an inability to prevent sudden changes in ________ when abrupt changes in position are made blood pressure
the usual cause of decreasing efficiency of the nervous system as a whole ______ decreased oxygen
a change in intellect due to a gradual decrease in oxygen delivery to brain cells is called senility
death of brain neurons , which results from a sudden cessation of oxygen delivery stroke
Created by: aleena_west