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GRE SEC 17-18

Glower (v) to glare or stare angrily and intensely; frown; lower; scowl
Abstemious (adj) moderate in appetite; temperate; abstinent; sober
Kinectic (adj) relating to motion; characterized by movement; active; dynamic; mobile
Knell (n) sound of a funeral bell; omen of death or failure
Maelstrom (n) whirlpool; turmoil; agitated state of mind
Garner (v) to gather and store; amass; harvest
Debutante (n) young women making debut in high society
Blithe (adj) joyful, cheerful,m or w/o appropriate though
Dogmatic (adj) dictatorial in one’s opinions; overbearing
Dissonance (n) a harsh and disagreeable combination, eso of sounds
Antipathy (n) extreme dislike
Desultory (adj) jumping from one thing to another; disconnected
Desiccate (v) to dry out thouroughly; dehydrate; dry; proch
Distaff (n) the female branch of a family
Demagogue (n) a leader or rabble rouser, usual appealing to emotion or prejudice; instigator
Dogma (n) a firmly held opinion, creed; doctrines
Bifurcate (v) to divide into two parts; bisect
Tangential (adj ) digressing; diverting; irrevelant; peripheral
Tawdry (adj) gaudy; cheap; or showy
Terrestrial (adj) earthly; down-to-earth; commonplace; mundane; terrene
Tirade (n) long, harsh speech or verbal attack
Toady (n) one who flatters in the hope of gaining favors; parasite; sycophant
Tome (n) book, usually large and academic; novel; volume
Torpor (n) extreme mental and physical sluggishness; apathy; languor
Transitory (adj) temporary; lasting a brief moment; ephemeral; evanescent; fleeting; momentary
Trenchant (adj) acute, sharp, or incisive; forcefulo; effective; caustic; keen
Turgid (adj) swollen as from a fluid; bloated
Tyro (n) beginner; novice; fledging; greenhorn
Umbrage (n) offense; resentment; asperity; dudgeon
Kindle (v) to set fire to or ignite; awaken; arouse; spark
Exonerate (v) to clear of blame; absolve; clear; vindicate
Laconic (adj) using few words; concise; curl; terse; taciturn
Kudos (n) fame, glory, or honor; acclaim; accolade; praise
Keen (adj) having a sharp edge; intellectually sharp; perceptive
Nuance (n) a subtle expression of meaning or quality; tone; gradation
Mannered (adj) artificial or stilted in character
Limpid (adj) clear; transparent
Lissome (adj) easily flexed; limber; agile; supple; graceful
Malediction (n) a curse; a wish of evil upon another
Exponent (n) one who champions or advocates; supporter
Obdurate (adj) hardened in feeling; resistant to persuasion
Numismatic (n) coin collecting
Lumber (v) to move slowly and awkwardly
Malinger (v) to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill; slack
Nominal (adj) existing in name only; negligible
Equivocate (v) to use expression of double meaning in order to mislead; evasive; waffling
Officious (adj) too helpful; meddlesome; eager; unwanted
Livid (adj) discolored from a bruise; pale; reddened with anger; furious; pallid
Divine (v) auger; foresee; inuti; predict; presage
Dilatory (adj) intended to delay; flagging; laggard; lagging
Demur (v) to express doubts or objection; dissent; kick; protest; remonstrate
Diaphanous (adj) allowing ligh to show through; delicate; transparent; translucent
Dirge (n) a funeral hymn or mournful speech; elegy; lament
Dissemble (v) to present a false appearance; to disguise one’s real intentions or character
Deride (v) to speak of or treat with contempt; to ock
Disabuse (v) to set right; free from error
Declivity (n) downward slope; decline; discent; slant; tilt
Adulterate (v) to make impure; debase; doctor; load
Dilate (v) to make large ; expand; amplify ; elaborate
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