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Spa Science

Ch. 5 Review Questions

Spa ScienceCh. 5 Review Questions
The effects of cosmetic products on the skin are based on _____ . chemical reactions
The two main brances of chemistry are ________ and ___________. Organic and inorganic
What are organic substances? Organic substances were once alive, are sometimes called natural, and will burn. Example: gasoline
What are inorganic substances? Inorganic substances have never been alive and will not burn. Example: metal
Matter assumes the shape of a solid, liquid, or gas depending on its __________. temperature
A form of matter that cannot be broken down into simpler substances is the __________. element
The smallest part of an element that still retains the properties of that element is called a/an ____ . atom
Water and table salt are types of _______ . compounds
When a physical change occurs in a substance, the change takes place in its ___________ ______________ . physical properties
Physical properties include _____________ . color, odor, density, specific gravity, melting point, boiling point, and hardness
The element oxygen is the most _________ element. abundant
Oxygen is found both free and in compounds and is a ____________, _____________, and __________ gas. colorless, odorless, tasteless
Hydrogen peroxide is a compound made up of __________ and ___________ . hydrogen and oxygen
The pH scale measures the relative degree of ___________ or _____________ . acidity or alkalinity
Alkalis or bases have a pH above _________, taste __________, and turn litmus paper from _______ to _______ . 7.0, bitter, red, blue
Sebum and sweat on the skin create a barrier on the surface caled the ________ ____________ . acid mantle
When equal amounts of acids and alkalis are mixed together, they _________ each other to form ________ (H2O) and a _________. water, salt
When oxygen is removed from a substance, the chemical reaction is called ___________ . reduction
In redoc reactions, the two chemical processes that take place simultaneously are _________ and ___________ . oxidation and reduction
A usually liquid substance that dissolves another substance is called a _____________ . solvent
Immiscible liquids are not capable of being _________ . mixed
Calamine lotion is a type of ___________ . suspension
An emulsion is a mixture of two or more immiscible substances united with the aid of a _________ or ____________ . binder, emulsifier
The head of a surfactant molecule is _________ . hydrophilic
Oil-in-water emulsion occurs when oil droplets are ________ in a water base. suspended
Surfactants are an ingredient in _____________ . emulsions
Created by: KLeonard