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US History Writing

SEEK US History Writing Vocabulary Words IEW

Perilous dangerous
secluded kept apart from everything else
flank to be placed at the side of
transfixed motionless with amazement
pillar (building) slender upright column used to support a roof
pillar (person) one who stronly supports a work or cause
askew not lined up straight
prosperity the state of being successful
endeavor to make a major effort; attempt
appalled surprised and dismayed
hostile unfriendly; unfavorable to one's well-being
subside to sink or fall to the bottom;settle
subside to become less in strength or violence
squander to waste
waver to be uncertain; to fluctate; to swing back and forth
audacious bold; daring
provoke to make angry; to annoy
provoke to arouse to action or feeling
indignant angry about something that is unfair,mean,or bad
confront to come face to face with; to apose
frivolous not serious or important;silly
resolve to make a firm desicion
resolve to bring a conclusion
animosity a feeling of resentment that could lead to violence; hostility
contemplate to regard thoughtfully
cunning sly or clever
diligent hard-working
fathom to comprehend (understand) in depth
gravity seriousness
inevitable unavoidable; bound to happen
impotent powerless
coax to try to pursuade by gentle but constant asking or other measures
presume to suppose to be true
presume to act without permission or authority
imperative necessary
persevere to keep on. to persist
warily on guard; alert or looking out for danger
vehemently intensly; strongly or violently
placidly calmly; peacfully
destined to be determined or established ahead of time
reverently with feeling of deep respect
adept skilled, expert
compliant submissive, yielding
solemn serious and thoughtful; formal or stately
deliberate (verb) to consider; to reflect upon (verb)
deliberate (adj) decided upon as a result of careful thought (adjective)
compel to force
enthrall to charm or captivate; to hold spellbound
obstinate stubborn; clinging unreasonably to an opinion, purpose or course
tyrant a cruel or brutal ruler; any oppressor
zealous enthusiastically devoted to sometihngs ; fervent
exemplary outstanding ; worthy of imitation
affirm to declare positivley ; to mainitain to be true
espouse to marry
espouse to support or adopt a cause or theory
incessant unceasing ; never ending
potential capable of becoming real
prominent well known, leading , outstanding
prominent attracting attention as by size or position
privily privately
scrutinize to examine closely
implement to put into practice
trepidation fear ; nervous trembling
tedious lond and tiring
Created by: Hale School
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