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nab 22 english


aback by surprise-adv
abaft toward or at the stern (back)-adv
abalone large edible shellfish-n
abandon through yielding to impulse-vb
abandoned morally unrestrained-adj
abase lower in dignity-vb
abash embarrass-vb
abate decrease or lessen-vb
abatement tax reduction-n
abattoir slaughter-house-n
abbess head of a convent-n
abbey monastery or convent-n
abbot head of a monastery-n
abdicate renounce-vb
abed in bed-adv/adj
aberration deviation or distortion-n
aberrant deviation or distortion-adj
abet incite or encourage-vb
abeyance state of inactivity-n
abide endure; remain, last, or reside-vb
abject low in hope or spirit-adj
abjure renounce; abstain from-vb (his refusal to abjure the Catholic faith)
ablution washing of one's body-n
abnegate relinquish; renounce-vb (he attempts to abnegate personal responsibility)
abominable thoroughly unpleasant or revolting-adj
abominate hate-vb
aboriginal original; primitive-adj
abort terminate prematurely-adj
aboveboard without deception-adj/adv
abrade wear away by rubbing-vb
abrasion wear away by rubbing-n
abrasive substance for grinding, smoothing, or polishing;/ tending to abrade; causing irritation-n,adv
abreast side by side; up to a standard or level-adv/adj
abridge shorten or condense-vb
abroad over a wide area; outside one's country-adv/adj
abrogate annul or revoke-vb (a proposal to abrogate temporarily the right to strike)
abscess collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue-n
abscond run away and hide-vb
absolution remission of sins-n
abstemious sparing in use of food or drink-adj
abstract summary;/ remove or separate; make an abstract of-n,v
abstraction act of abstracting; abstract idea or work of art-n
abstruse hard to understand-adj
abundant more than enough-adj
abut touch along a border-vb
abutment part of a bridge that supports weight-n
abysmal immeasurably deep; wretched-adj
abyss immeasurably deep gulf-n
acacia leguminous (bearing pods) tree or shrub-n
academic relating to schools or colleges; theoretical-adj
academy private high school; society of scholars or artists-n
acanthus prickly Mediterranean herb; ornament representing acanthus leaves-n
accede become a party to an agreement; express approval; enter upon an office-vb
accession something added; act of taking office-n
acclamation eager applause; unanimous vote-n
acclimatize accustom to a new climate or situation-vb
accommodate adapt; provide with something needed; hold without crowding-vb
accord grant; agree;/ agreement; willingness to act-vb/n
accost approach and speak to especially aggressively-vb
account statement of business transactions; credit arrangement with a vendor; report; worth; sum deposited in a bank-n
accounting financial record keeping-n
accoutre equip-vb
accouter equip-vb
accoutrement accessory item; identifying characteristic-n
accredit approve officially; attribute-vb
accursed being under a curse; damnable-adj
ace one that excels-n
acerbic sour or bitter in temper, mood, or tone-adj
acetaminophen pain reliever-n
acetate fabric or plastic derived from acetic acid-n
acetic acid acid found in vinegar-n
acetylene colorless gas used as a fuel in welding-n
acid sour water soluble chemical compound that reacts with a base to form a salt-adj
acme highest point-n
acolyte assistant to a member of clergy in a religious service-n
acorn nut of the oak-n
acoustic relating to hearing or sound-adj
acoustics science of sound; qualities in a room that affect how sound is heard-n
acquaint inform; make familiar-vb
acquaintance personal knowledge; person with whom one is acquainted-n
acquiesce consent of submit-vb
acquit pronounce not guilty; conduct (oneself) usually well-vb
acre lands; 4840 square yards-n
acrid sharp and biting-adj
acrimony harshness of language or feeling-n
acrobat performer of tumbling feats-n
acrylic plastic used for molded parts or in paints; synthetic textile fiber-n
Created by: nab22
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