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Physics Video

The Mysterious Origins of Life

What is the fundamental biological question? Was everything created by evolution or intelligent design?
Darwin's finches demonstrate what biological principle? Functional Advantage
Fill in the Blank: Natural selection shows the appearance of ____________ without the need for a ______________. design, designer
Because of electron microscopes, what are we able to see that Darwin did not even know about? Incredible elaborate cells and their detailed flagellar rotary motors
What does Irreducible Complexity mean? If you lose one part of the system, then you lose the entire function of that system.
How many protein parts are in the Flagellum Motor? At least 40
Fill in the Blank: ______ gives the assembly instructions for assembling ___________________. DNA, amino acids
Which theory states that life was destined to occur by the workings of chemistry? The Theory of Biological Predestination
What does The Theory of Biological Predestination state? Life was destined to occur by the workings of chemistry.
What did Darwin envision the origin of life as? A great branching tree
What What did Darwin believe modified already existing organisms to make the great diversity of organisms? Natural Selection
For what did Darwin not have an explanation? The first lifeforms
How many amino acids make up proteins? 20
If amino acids are arranged in certain ways, what do they form? A chain
What occurs if incorrect sequences of amino acids are arranged? They amino acids fall apart, do not work, and are ultimately destroyed in the cell
Created by: stonely