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Math Definitions 1

Spelling and Definitions of math terms

math wordmath definition
denominator the number below the line in a fraction - it represents the whole
equivalent fractions fractions that have different denominators but name the same amount
fair game a game in which every player has the same chance of winning
mixed number a number that is written using both a whole number and a fraction
algebra an area of math where numbers are represented by letters
analogue clock a clock with numbers 1 to 12 around the face and rotating hands to show the minutes and seconds
numerator the number above the line in a fration - it represents the number of equal parts being considered
probability a number from 0 to 1 that tells the chance that an event will happen
array a set of objects or numbers arranged in order, often in rows and columns
congruent having the same size and shape
coordinates used to show position on a grid; shown as pairs of letters or numbers, e.g. (8,4)
common factor a whole number that divides two (or more) other numbers exactly
factor a whole number that divides exactly inot another number; a whole number that multiplies with another number to make a third number
metric system decimal system of measurement; uses multiples of 10
whole number a counting number from zero to infinity.
Created by: johanningm