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List 2 Cognates

actriz acter
aire air
arte art
artista artist
automovil automobil
banco bank
beisbol baseball
bicicleta bicycle
calculadora calander
canoa canoe
chocolate chocolate
cientifico scienentific
clase class
concierto concert
crema cream
delicioso delicious
dentista dentist
diferente different
Europa Europe
excelente excellent
fabuloso fabulous
familia family
fantastico fantastic
favorito favorite
foto photo
fruta fruit
generacion generation
geografia geography
globo globe
gorila gorilla
grupo group
guitarra guitar
hamburguesa hamburger
huracan hurrican
importante important
independiente independence
internacional international
labratorio laborotory
mapa map
matematicas mathmatics
norte north
oficina office
pioto pilot
posible possible
telefono telephone
tigre tiger
tomate tomato
tren tren
trompeta trumpet
volibol vollyball
The end the end
Created by: glink