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German Vocab

Words from Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen

sogar Yet, Actually, Even
Der Schnurrbart Moustache, Whicker
Überleben To Survive
Bullig Brawny, Chunky
Dünn Thin, tenuous, sheer, lank, sparse, fine, slight, rare
Notwendig Necessary, requisite, needful, essential, indispensable
Allerdings However
Nützlich helpful, handy, profitably, beneficial, useful
Der Sinn Mind, sense, meaning, signification, acceptation
Verjagen To chase away; To scare away
Der Gedanke Notion, Thought, idea, sentiment, conception
Merkwürdig Extraordinary, Strange, Odd, Curious
Die Würde Elevation, Diginity, Majesty
Merken To notice, To memorize
Verstricken To Entrap, To Involve in, To Ensnare, To Enmesh
Das Geheimnis Secret, Mystery
Heimlich Secretly
Solcher Such
Der unsinn Nonsense, Absurdism
Übrig Spare, Leftovers, Remaining, Residual
Auferstehen To Revive, To Resurrect
Die Gnade Grace, Mercy
Flehen To Entreaty, To Solicit
Herstellen To Manufacture
Nirgends, Nirgendwo Nowhere
Prächtig Magnificent, Glorious, Resplendent, Gorgeously, Superb
Die Pracht Finery, Splendor, Richness, Resplendence, Gorgeousness
besitzen To own, to possess
Aufdecken To uncover, To disclose
Die Sorge Problem, worry, concern, care
Die Sache Concern, Business, Case, thing, Object, Matter, Cause
Der Wahn Delusion, illusion, mania
Wahr True, intrinsic, truthful
Stolz Pride, Ego, Haughty
Created by: JJennings
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