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Egyptian arabic .11

EA 11 vocab

saab, yisiib (ساب، يسيب) he left, he leaves
iftakar, yiftikir (افتكر، يفتكر) he thought (that), he thinks (that)
fakkar, yifakkar fi (فكّر، يفكّر في) he thought about, he thinks about
simi/, yisma/ (سمع، يسمع) he heard/listened, he hears/listens
fiTir, yifTar (فطر، يفطر) he ate breakfast, he eats breakfast
it/asha, yit/asha (اتعشّى، يتعشّى) he ate dinner, he eats dinner
itggadda, yitggadda (اتغدّى، يتغدّى) he ate lunch, he eats lunch
itgawwiz, yitgawwiz (اتجوّز، يتجوّز) he got married, he gets married
darris, yidarris (درّس، يدرّس) he taught, he teaches
ggaali (غالي) expensive
rixiiS (رخيص) cheap
mitgawwiz (متجوّز) married
akbar (اكبر) bigger/biggest
a'Sar (اقصر) shorter/shortest
aHla (احلى) sweeter/sweetest
aggla (اغلى) more/most expensive
arxaS (ارخص) cheaper/cheapest
aHsan (احسن) better/best
agadad (اجدد) newer/newest
baayin (باين) clear
binnisba li (بالنسبة لِ) in relation to
SaHH (صحّ) right, correct
ggalaT (غلط) wrong
law (لو) if (+ past tense)
awwil (اول) first
taani (تاني) second
taalit (تالت) third
raabi/ (رابع) fourth
xaamis (خامس) fifth
saadis (سادس) sixth
saabi/ (سابع) seventh
taamin (تامن) eighth
taasi/ (تاسع) ninth
/aashir (عاشر) tenth
haanim (هانم) madame
taman (تمن) price
iid ideen ayaadi (ايد ايدين ايادي) hand, handle
/aalam (عالم) world
ishar' ilawsaT (الشرق الاوسط) the Middle East
masaaHa (مساحة) area (geometry)
sha'a, shu'a' (شقّة، شقق) spartment
ooDit noom (اوضة نوم) bedroom
ooDit sufra (اوضة سفرة) dining room
ooDit ma/iisha (اوضة معيشة) living room
Saala (صالة) hall/reception
Hammaam, Hammaamaat (حمّام، حمّامات) bathroom
maTbax, maTaabix (مطبخ، مطابخ) kitchen
maTaar, maTaraat (مطار، مطارات) airport
gooz (جوز) husband
gawaaz, gawazaat (جواز، جوازات) marriage
sitt, sitaat (ستّ، ستّات) lady
zooga, zoogaat (زوجة، زوجات) wife
maraat fulaan (زوجة، زوجات) wife of so and so
filuus (فلوس) money
iid wara wi iid 'uddaam (ايد ورا وايد قدّام) one hand in front and one behind (empty-handed)
ilggaali tamanu fiih (الغالى تمنه فيه) the expensive thing has its price in it (it pays to buy the best)
kull shay' bitamanu (كل شيء بتمنه) everything for its price (everything has its price)
ggaali wiTTAlab rixiiS (غالي والطلب رخيص) dear (expensive), and the request is cheap (you are so dear to me that any request you make seems cheap)
mabruuk! allaah yibaarik fiik! (مبروك! الله يبارك فيك) blessed! may God bless you! (congratulations said upon the acquisition of anything new, or upon marriage or the birth of a child)
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