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Chemistry peter

Notes for exam in jan

What is the mobile Phase in TLC? Solvent (Normally alcohol)
What is the mobile Phase in Gas Chromatography? Inert Gas (Helium)
How does separation occur in Chromatography? Solid mobile phase - Adsorption Liquid mobile phase - Solubility
What is Retention factor? (Distance moved by Component)/(distance moved by solvent front)
Why is TMS used in NMR? 1 Environment - one peak Many protons - sharp peak
How do you remove the OH peak from an NMR spectrum? Add Deuterium, and shake, then repeat.
Oxidation of propane-1-ol will form what? propanal (distillation) Propanoic acid (reflux)
oxidation of propane-2-ol will form what? propanone (reflux)
reduction of butanoic acid will form? butanol
The joining of ethanol and octanoic acid, with a small molecule of water removed, is? esterification - it will form ethyl octanoate.
Carbonyl compounds produce what, when added to 2,4 - DNPH? Orange Precipitate
What are the reagents for nitration of benzene? HNO3 and H2SO4 conditions: 50 degrees celcius
What are the reagents for diazotisation? NaNO2 and HCl (HONO) Below 10 degrees celcius
How do you turn diazonium chloride into an azodye? add phenol and NaOH, the Na removes the Cl, and the Phenol adds to the salt.
What is the most reactive halogen? fluorine
Created by: krisb2