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Server Ch. 6

A __________ is an alphanumeric sequence of characters that you enter with a username to access a server, workstation, or shared resource. password
What can be defined as a password that follows guidelines that make it difficult for a potential hacker to determine the user's password? strong password
Password-__________ is an attempt to discover a user's password cracking
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a strong password? is not your birth date
Which of the following is a benefit of implementing a public key infrastructure (PKI)? Users no longer need to remember passwords, all info is stored on a smart card, smart cards can be used from remote locations (all of the above)
What tool allows you to utilize a simple interface to delegate permissions for domains, OUs, or containers? Delegation of control wizard
What typically consists of at least four characters or digits that are entered while presenting a physical access token, such as an ATM card or smart card? PIN
What component issues and manages certificates for individuals, computers, and organizations? Certification Authority
What is a credit card–sized or token-style device, such as a USB device, that is used with a PIN to enable logon to the enterprise? smart card
What method of authentication requires a smart card and a PIN to provide more secure access to company resources? two-factor authentication
Created by: paulysa