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syc 101 Final

Psyc 101 Final

From a psychological perspective, which of the floowing is NOT a characteristic of abnormal behavior? Dyadic
When it is said that abnormal behavior is maladaptive, it infers that abnormal behavior interferes with a person'a ability to fuction effectively
In 1952, the American Psychiatric Association published a manual to categorize abnormal behaviors called the: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder
The manual, mentioned in the above question, is based on a _____ system so that an individual is not merely classified as a psychological disorder category but is characterized by a number of clinical factor. Multiaxial Classification
Psychological disorders that involve motor tension, hyperactivity, and apprehensive expectations and thoughts are the category known as an: Anxiety Disorder
Psychological disorders that involve sudden loss of memoryor change in identity are known as a Dissociative Disorder
Brad seems to be in a continuous and chronic state of anxiety though he is unable to identify the source of his feelings. The most likely diadnosis for Brad is: a generalized anxiety disorder
A seemingly healthy 25 year-old women experienced an episode marked by the sudden onset of intense apprehension or terror accompanied by chest pains, trembling, and increased heart rate. She would most likely be diagnosed has having a: Panic Disorder
Edward is afraid of riding in elevators, and he quit his job because he was being moved to the 27th floor of his office building. He would most likely be classified as exhibbiting a: Phobic Disorder
Mr. Dodge engages in very rigid and structured behavior. He is preoccupied with cleanliness. He washes his hands more than 20 times per day and brings two changes of underwear to work with him. He would probably be dianosed as suffering from a: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Which type of schizopheria is characterized by bizarre motor behavior, which may take the form of a complete, immobile stupor and statue like positions? Catatonic Schizophrenia
Since he left the service 10 years ago, Walter has been reliving his experiences in Vietnam. He has recurrent nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety. The most likely diagnosis is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
A women is in therapy. During therapy, several different personalities emerge. This disorder is most likely a: Dissociative Identity Disorder
Your aunt goes through periods of deep depression followed by periods in which she is euphoric, hyperactive and unrealistically optimistic. She is probably suffering from: Biopolar Disorder
A dysthymic disorder and a major depressive disorder are both mood disorders. A dysthymic disorder differs from major depressive disorder in that a dysthymic disorder: is more chronic and less severe than major depressive disorder
After a very stressful period, Mr. Williams quit his job, stayed home, and shut out his family and friends. He was tired, couldn't get out of bed, had no appetite, couldn't concentrate and was overwhelmed by a feeling of hopelessness. Mr. Williams is most likely suffering form major depressive disorder
A severe psychological disorder that is characterized by highly disordered thought processes, hallucinations and delusions is called Schizophrenia
Delusions of grandeur, persecution, and reference are characteristic of paraniod schizophrenia
The diathesis-stress view of chizophrenia argues that the cause of the disorder is both stress and biogenetic diposition
A psychologist has come to the conclusion that her client's anxiety is due to neurotransmitter functioning combined with unconscious conflicts in childhood and current problems with her marriage and family. This view is consistent with is Sociocultural
In a significant majority of cases, which of the following is considered to be a contributing causal factor in the development of a dissociative identity disorder? Biological Therapy
William is taking medication to help control his psychological disorder. What type of therapy is he receiving? Biological Therapy
Which of the following is not a form of biological therapy Brain Fade
Of the following, which is the BEST example of psychotherapy? You say aloud to a therapist everything that comes to mind.
Which of the following statements is NOT correct? Psychologists are now able to prescribe drugs as a part of therapy.
Antianxiety drugs are commonly known as Tranquilizers
If a patient ware taking a drug to regulate mood, they would most likely be taking an Antidepressant Drug
Powerful drugs that duminish agitated behavior, reduce tension, decrease hallucations, improve social behavior, and produce better sleep patterns are called Antipsychotic Drugs
Which individual is most likely to be treated with neuroleptics? a person with schizophrenia
Research has indicated that electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, as a last resort may be somewhat effective in treating severe Depression
Which medication is frequently used in the treatment of biapolar disorder? Lithium
SSRI's and MAO inhibitors are classified as Antidepressant Drugs
The main goal psychoanalysis is to analyze the client's Unconscious Thoughts
The technique used by freud to encourage the patient to talk about whatever comes to mind, giving the unconscious mind the opportunity to slip past the censorship of the ego, is known as free association
Ann is being treated for depression after a breakup with her boyfriend. Her therapist points out that her thoughts, and not the situation itself, cause her depression. The qoal is for Ann to recoginze logical errors in her thoughts and challenge the... accouracy of her thinking. this information suggests that Ann's therapist practices ____ therapy. PSYCHODYNAMIC
Gary's therapist seeks to engage in a warm and understanding relationship with him. He offers Gary no advice or direction. The therapist actively listens and tries hard to understand what it is like to be in Gary's roles in life and how Gary perceives... the world. This therapist would identify his approach as: CLIENT-CENTERED
Fritz Perls humanistic therapy, which involves challenging clients and role playing to help them become more aware of their feelings and faceee their problems, is called Gastalt Therapy
A therapist is trying to help a client overcome a phobic disorder. The therapist teaches the client deep relaxation techniques and then gradually exposes him to the feared stimulus. This approach is best described as Systematic Desensitization
Therapy based on the assumption that abnormal behavior is due to faulty ways of thinking and believing is known as Cognitive Therapy
What is the main goal of rational-emotive behavioral therapy? identifying and changing an individual's irrational beliefs
Alcoholices Anonymous (AA) is an example of which type of group situation? Self-help Group
What is the main advantage of an integrative approach to psychotherapy? It utilizes the strenghts of a variety of approaches to meet the specific needs of the client.
Information, universality, altruism, and corrective re capitulation of the family group are features of _____ therapy. Group Therapy
According to your textbook, psychology is the scientific study of Behavior and Mental Processes
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