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This Will Teach Math

Depositing 63 Dollars +63
Riding An Elevator Down 9 Floors -9
brandon job requires alot of driving. He Drove 210.05 miles Monday;195.18 miles Tuesday;150.25 miles on Wednesday And 165.30 miles on Thursday.How many miles did he drive in all 720.78
Sandra baby sat on monday and earned 33 dollars and she had already saved up 44 more dollars. She went to the mall thursday and spent 47 dollars. How much more money does she have left? $30
Sally had 24 oranges. Brent Borrowed 7 and blake took 9. How many oranges does she have left? 8
Shauna had 12 apples. Brooklyn has 11 times more apples. How many apples does brooklyn have? 132
Shanana bought 8 pizzas and 12 bottles of juice for a class party, each pizza cost 9 dollars and each juice cost 2 dollars. Shanana paid with a $100.00 bill, how much
Created by: MarkezWheeler