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my math study stack has 20 questions

Find the reciprocal : 5/3 3/5
Scienfiic notation :2,834,000 2,834 x 10^6
andrea ate 4/12 of a pixxa how many piecesof pizzadid she take home? Write in simplest form. 8/12 = 2/3 pieses
5.23 x .4 2.092
write if greater than less than of equal to: 294.338__294.335 >
change to a mixed number write answer in simplest form 36/10 3^6/10 = 3^3/5
change to a improper fraction : 7^5/6 47/6
Jenny bought t-shirts for $9.95 each. The cashier charged her and additional $13.07 for tax. She had $7.28 left How much money did Jenny start with? $90.00
im only one day amricans spend about $958,904.00 on video games. $767,123.00 is spent on Nintendo games. How much do americans spend on other video games in a day? 1,726,027.00
if you saved $2.00 on January first, $4,00 on Febuary first, $6.00 on March first, and so on how much will you save in a year? $156.00
if you saved $2.00 on January 1st, $4.00 on Febuary 1st, $8.00 on March 1st, $16,00 on April 1st how much will you save in one year? $8190.00
8+8/2+2= 14
(5+6)+6-(3+2)= 12
How many inches are in 2^1/2 feet? 30
400,000,000+2,000,000+80,000+900+8= 402,080,908
write fraction as a decimal 35/100 .35
write fraction as a decimal 3/5 0.6
write fraction as a decimal 48/1000 0.048
write fraction as a decimal 5/100 0.05
write fraction as a decimal 12/1000 0.012
Created by: surfergurl1319