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1. Judy,Bill are doing a fundraiser for school.They are planning to make 100 dollars,snacks dollars.Admission,5 dollars. drinks are 7 dollars each.If 20 people come each day have 1 drink & do one ride,do you think they can make 1000 dollars in 3 days? yes
2. What is the (greatest common factor) of 125 and 250? 125
3. What is the missing number in 9+ (50-34) = (9+)-34? 50
4. There are 24 hours in a day. How many hours are in a year? 8760
5. What is (91*3)/4+ (8-3) = 73.25
6. Fred wants to buy a video game for $60 dollars. He is working at his dad’s restraint, if he gets a tip of $3.64 from each customer. How many customers does he have to see to make 60 dollars? 17
7. [-10] what is the absolute value? 10
8. If Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis are making a movie that is going to cost them $3,000,000,000 but they only have $2,546,783,713 dollars. How much more do they need to be able to make the movie? 652,779
9. What is 900, 2,540, 520, 423, and 300 added up? 6740
10. What is 90+30-90+467/2 = 10
11.8/296 37
12. 92/654 7.111
13. 135+535 = 670
14. 16-7 = 9
15.234-96+45= 183
16.4+(9-2)+12-3= 20
17. Jim ate 91 more hotdogs than bill did in February. What else do u need to know to answer this question? how many hotdogs bill ate in febuary
18. 9+3-5+89993-9000= 0
19. Bill and Jim were having a contest to see who could eat the most apples. Bill ate 34 apples and Jim ate 96 apples what was the difference between them 62
20. [-987] Find the absolute value. 987
Created by: uchiha777