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Unit 1

What is distinctive about the Franconian Motet? The triplum was quicker thean the motetus
The Divine Office is a series of psalms and chants performed eight times per day
The troubadors wrote and sang songs in which language? Occitan
Which does not characterize a thirteenth-century motet? Latin texts only
Who composed organum for four voices? Peritonus
The prescribed texts and rites that collectively constitute the religious services of the church are known as the liturgy
On which did Boethius base his De instituitione musica? Greek sources
Trecento composers used all but which of these genres? discant clausulae
southern Italy Beneventan
in a motet that carries the Gregorian chant, the tenor is knows as the cantus firmus
What secular song form employs a canon? caccia
Who wrote a famous treatise and composed isorhythmic motets? Phillipe de Vitry
Hildegard of Bingen is known for composing both the words and music for chants and liturgical drama
The main sung parts of the Ordinary portion of the Mass are Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei
The Squarcialupi Codex is one of the main sources of trecento music
The Messe de Nostre Dame is notable because it was the first time that a single composer set the Ordinary of the mass as a cycle
By the end of the fourteenth century, the musical style of which region began to dominate in Italy? France
Which feature of Ars Nova composition was most offensive to conservatives? duple meter
Rome Old Roman
Of the following, which does not characterize the music of the Ars Subilitor? Satirical texts aimed at the clergy
Psalms are typically preceded and followed by chants called antiphons
Chants that have sections with many notes per syllable are called melismatic
Roman de Fauvel was an allegorical story interspersed with Ars Nova music
The Doctrine of Ethos is the theory that music influences a person's morality
The correct chronological order for sources of organum is Musica enchiriadis, Ad organum faciendum, Magnus Liber Organi
Polyphonic treatment was applied to solo portions of the Proper and troped parts of the Ordinary of the Mass and Office
Which of the following describes the sources for notated music of ancient Greece? There are few surviving examples
Who composed isorhythmic motets, polyphonic songs, and a Mass Ordinary setting? Guillaume de Machaut
The three genera of tetrachords in the Greek system of music theory are diatonic, chromatic, and enharmonic
What is the definition of an authentic mode? Modes in which the melody ranges from the final to approximately one octave above it
Hexachords can begin on which pitches? C, F, G
Which of the following letter schemes best represents the form of the ballade? aabC
Which Church figure expressed concern over music's ability to arouse feelings? St. Augustine
The eight church modes are defined primarily by their range, final, and reciting tone
Which of the following statements is true of art music in ancient Rome? Images, written descriptions, and some instruments are all that remain
Goliards were scholars who sang secular songs in Latin
Discant is the style of composition used to set the neumatic sections of solo portions of chant
The voice that holds the chant melody is called the tenor
Which of the following is not a feature of the polyphonic conductus? The tenor voice came from Gregorian chant
Milan Ambrosian
Polyphonic music at the Notre Dame school employed how many rhythmic modes? 6
The medieval motet began as an elaboration or troping of substitute clausulae
In the early fourteenth century, what type of music can be found in Italian manuscripts? laude
For the ancient Greeks, harmonia was the concept of an orderly whole divisible by parts
Of the following, which genre favored by Machaut would most likely be monophonic? virelai
Organum in which all the voices sing in measured rhythm is called discant
Heterophony refers to one person playing a melody with embellishment while others sing or play the original
Spain Mozarabic
Psalm tones consist of intonation, tenor, mediant, and termination
The Magnus Liber Organi was a book of organum begun by Leoninus and updated by Perotinus
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