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ENGE 1024 Final

Discuss the Intel Chip case. The chips were defective and could not do simple mathematics. At first, Intel denied the problem, but then replaced the defective chips.
Discuss the Denver International Airport incident. Malfunctioning baggage system. Weakend concrete (dilute to save money, increase profit)
Discuss the Intel Chip case. The chips were defective and could not do simple mathematics. At first, Intel denied the problem, but then replaced the defective chips.
Discuss the Denver International Airport incident. Malfunctioning baggage system. Weakened concrete (dilute to save money, increase profit)
Discuss the Paradyne computer case. Competitive Bidding. The software was not tested and no on-site visits were performed.
What is required of Professions? Skills, judgment, discretion, extensive formal education, set standards, public good
What is the Code of Ethics 1) Framework for ethical judement for a professional. 2) Not a legal document. 3) Doesn't create new moral/ethical principles. 4) Guide of how to act in certain situations. 5) Safety of the public (paramount) 6) Loyal to client
Describe the IEEE Code. Short, general
Describe the NSPE Code. Long, detailed
Which is greater: Saftey of the public or duty to the your employer? Safety of the public
What are the 4 ethical theories? Utilitariansim, Duty Ethics, Rights Ethics, Virtue Ethics
What is Utilitariansim? Doing what is best for society. Act (individual actions), Rule (moral rules), John Stuart Mill
What is Cost-Benefit Analysis? Part of utilitarianism. See if benefits>costs. Hard to assess because of things with no dollar value (death)
What is Duty Ethics? Other people's rights, respect for others, Immanuel Kant
What is Rights Ethics? Your rights, John Locke (life, liberty, property)
What is Virtue Ethics? Being the best we can be (honest, trustworthy)
What is Corporate Morality? Must respect rights of individuals and should exhibit the same virtues that we expect of a person.
Discuss the Disaster at Bhopal. Leak in the chemical storage tanks. Warning alarm was improperly set. 2,000 died.
Discuss the Aberdeen Three. Inspections indicate safety hazards. Flammable substances left in open containers. 3 people indited for dumping of hazardous wastes.
Teamwork doesn't work if a member... Doesn't do a good job, doesn't contribute, doesn't complete assignments on time, tries to do everything. A team must share the work equally.
What is the Front Panel? Displays controls, user interface
What is the Block Diagram? Holds programming elements that are wired together ("behind the scenes")
What is a Project in LabVIEW? Collection of related program elements that are intended to work together
What is the Controls Palette? Gives access to objects (controls, indicators, knobs, graphs)
Describe the following Mechanical Actions: "When Pressed", "When Released", "Until Released" "When Pressed": action occurs when the button is first pressed. "When Released": action occurs when the button is first released. "Until Released": action occurs until the button is released.
Discuss Functions in LabVIEW. LabVIEW is based on functions (not math operators), placed on block diagrams, terminals for inputs and outputs.
What is a Control? Used to set a value
What is an Indicator? Used to display a value
What is Dataflow Programming? A node on a block diagram executes as soon as all of the inputs have values**
What is a Double-Precision data type? DBL, decimal, orange
What is a 32-bit Signed Integer data type? I32, integer, blue
What is a Boolean data type? TF, true/false, green
What is a String data type? abc, words, pink
What is the equation for Voltage (with respect to current and resistance)? V = IR
What does the Random Number Constant return? A number between 0 and 1
What are some tools for Debugging? Broken Wires, Broken Run Button, Execution Highlighting (watch flow through block diagram), Single-Step (run step-by-step), Probe (test wires), Breakpoints (stop program at certain point)
Describe a While Loop. Continues until stop condition is met. Default: Stop if True
Describe a For Loop. Continues for a defined amount of time. i: iteration terminal N: count terminal, number of times the loop runs
Describe the Wait Function. Used to slow iterations (in ms)
Describe Tunnels in LabVIEW. Get information across a loop boundary.
Describe Shift Registers. Memory; used when the current calculation needs to include the previous calculation.
Describe Case Structures. Allow certain actions to take place depending on a variable's value.
Describe a Property Node. On the block diagram; can be used to determine or set an object's value
Describe Sequence Structure. When something must be done in sequential order
Describe Data Aquisition (DAQ) in LabVIEW. The process of automatically importing data from one or more sensors or transducers directly into a computer
What is a Sensor? Device that responds to a physical change and outputs an electrical signal.
What is a Transducer? Device that converts energy from one form to another.
What is a Thermocoupler? A sensor that generates an electromotive force (emf) due to dissimilar metal joined at the junction.
What are Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs)? Have a varying resistance that depends on the temperature of the device's sensor.
What is Signal Conditioning? May be required to adjust the signal type and range of the oupt signal to align with the requirements of the DAQ. (Use because of noisy signal, amplification/offset)
What are the 3 things that a computer using DAQ must know? 1) what signals to measure. 2) how often to take readings 3) how many readings to collect (time)
What is a waveform? Collected data in DAQ
What are some common measurements of sensors? Temperature, force, pressure, position, light, sound
What is aliasing in DAQ? Misleading data when sampling at too low of a frequency
What is the single most important challenge facing humanity today? Energy
What are the top 5 world problems? 1) Energy, 2) Water, 3) Food, 4) Environment, 5) Poverty
What are the second and third hypotheses referring to Nanotechnology and Energy? 2) If we solve the energy problem, we will be more likely to solve the other problems. 3) no matter what you think should be on the list, energy should always be #1 because it most benefits the others
How much energy is needed to completely solve the world's energy needs? 20 terawatts -- but we can't find it cheaply
What is an Interconnected Electrical Energy Grid? massive long-distance electrical power transmission, local shortage of electrical power with real-time pricing
_______ could help form the "Armchair Quantum Wire' and play a big role in the electric transmission system. Nanotubes, also called "buckytubes"
What is Design? A type of probem-solving where the problems do not usually have a "correct" solution
What is the Engineering Design Method? 1) Define problem, 2) Gather information, 3) Generate multiple solution, 4) Analyze and Select a solution, 5) Test and implement solution
What is Cheating? Giving/recieving unauthorized aid/advantages
What is Plagarism? Copying of language/structure/programming/ computer code/ideas/thoughts
What is Falsification? The statement of any untruth (ex: forgery, tampering with record, changing an exam grade)
What happens when you are given a second offense of the Honor Code? Permanent dismissal from the university
What is the Engineering Process? Idea --> Product/Service --> Society
What is ABET Accreditation? 28 professional engineering societies (non-government), Voluntary, Accrediation granted/denied (not ranked), Accrediation granted for maximum of 6 years
What are the requirements of being a Professional Engineer? Graduate from ABET school, 4 years of engineering experience, 16 hour written exam (Fundamentals of Engineering, Principles&Practice), Code of ethics (self imposed)
What are common team problems? Absence/not doing work, breakdown in communication
What is a Multiview Sketch? Represent series of projection (2 of 3 projections shown), Orthographic
What is a Pictoral Sketch? Single view (all 3 projections), no hidden lines, Isometric
What is the Precedence of Lines? Visible, Hidden, Center, Dimension, Construction
What is Flowcharting? "Picture" of algorithm, Prepared according to rules/procedures, flow from "top to bottom" and "left to right"
What are the flowcharting symbols? Rectangle (processing), Oval (terminators), Parallelogram (input/output), Diamond (decision: if statements), Hexagon (loop: while), Small Circle (node), Large Circle (on-page connector), Upside down house (off-page connector)
Discuss LEED Certification. Sustainability in buildings. (Washington National Baseball Stadium, Blacksburg Motor Company)
What is the Order of Magnitude? Power of ten when a value is written in scientific notation
What is the Independent Variable? What you change (x-axis)
What is the Dependent Variable? What is being measured (y-axis)
Describe Linear Functions. Common/Linear: y=mx+b Straight line on rectilinear graph paper.
Describe Exponential Functions. Common: y=be^mx Linear: lny=mx+lnb Straight line on semi-logy
Describe Power Functions. Common:y=bx^m Linear: logy=m(logx)+logb Straight line on log-log paper
3 Dilemmas to Ethical Problems. The lLaw, personal, professional
Discuss CML: "Disposable" Cameras. 77-90% mass remanufacturable, components reused up to 10 times, remained recyclable
What is the Coefficient of Determination? R-Squared: percent of the line that can be explained by the data
What is Pasteurization? Product heated for certain amount of time to reduce or inactive germs
What affects heat transfer in an exchanger? Heat exchanger material, type of product, temperature, time
What is Power Aware Computing? Large data centers will soon require their own power plant. Design hardware/software that must conserve power when possible
Describe the NSPE Code of Ethics? Safety of Public**, perform servies in their area of expertise, give true public statements, loyal to client/employer, not be deceptive, honorable/responsible/ethical/lawful
What do Clean Coal Technologies do? Caputer Co2 from power plants and store/lessen greenhouse gas emissions
What is a Breadboard? Many sockets where you insert leads of wires to build circuts, sockets in column connected together, buses (horizontal) connected
What is a Voltage Regulator? Convert from 9 volts to 5 volts
What is a Multimeter? A voltage measuring tool, positive/negative probes
What is a Motor Driver Integrated Circuit (IC)? Send many wires in; 16 pins
What is a Diode? Carries electricity in 1 direction, keeps from short circuiting
What is a computer program? Set of instructions that a computer understands
What is the Functions and Structures Palette? Find arithmetic functions, comparisons, structures
What is Dataflow Programming? Node executes when data is available to ALL input terminals.
What is the Law (ethics)? Upheld by government, black/white
What are professional ethics? Guidelines that professional societies expect members to uphold
What are Personal ethics? Necessary to interpret professional ethics (utilitarianism, duty/rights/virtue ethics)
Why does a while loop run at least once? "Post"-while, condition is checked after the loop is processed
What equations are used with gears? v=rw, w=theta/t, T1/T2=r1/r2=w2/w1
What is Precision? Repeatability
What is Accuracy? Close to real answer
Why did we use DAQ in workshop? Collect data on water quality and temperature parameters
Stroubles Creek is a sub-watershed of what larger watershed? New River
What is the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) of a stream? Established to monitor progress and stream health
What are commonly monitored water quality parameters? pH, dissolved oxygen, temeprature, conductivity, phosphorus, nitrogen, benthic organisms, pathogens
What is an Impaired Stream? One which exceeds what is considered to be a healthy level of sediments/nutrients
What is a coercion dot? Placed on the terminal where numerical conversion takes place
What is Nanotechnology? The study of the fundamental principles of molecules and structures with at least one dimension roughtly between 1 and 100 nm
What does "nano" mean? One billionth
What is the measurement of an atom's diameter? 10^-1 m, 10^-10 m
What are Carbon Nanotubes? Allotropes of carbon, strong/unique properites, conductors
What is Chirality? "Twist" of the nanotube
What is a Chiral Vector? Idenfies the wrapping angle (angle at which lattice is wrapped)
What is Armchair Chirality? m=n, theta=0
What is Zig-Zag Chirality? m=0, theta=30
What is Chiral Chirality? theta is between 0 and 30
What is the Elastic Modulus (E)? Describes the elasticity of a nanotube High E is siff, not stretchable
What is the most important force at nanoscale? Intermolecular attraction
What is the domain of nanotechnology? 1-100 nm
Why did CBS use Lockheed Martin? To help with technology as part of their pilot for NCIS:LA
What concepts did the Boing 787 Dreamliner illustrate? Globalization: parts from all over the world
What Hardware and Software were incorporated into the motion detector activity in workshop? Mechatronic (hardware), LabVIEW (software)
What is a Sonic Sensor? Uses sound waves to approximate the distance to nearest object (emits clicks, used in radar/sonar)
What is Radar? Uses electromagnetic waves instead of sound waves
What is Sonar? Uses sounds that can be heard, but is usually used underwater
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