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math study stack

6th grade stack

Sam gathered 12 buckets of clams Kristi gathered 9 buckets, and Mario gathered 6 buckets. They sold the clams for $3 a bucket. How much money did they earn? $81
Keith has 3 bookcases that are each 1.6 meters wide. He wants to place them side by side along his bedroom wall. What is the length that the bookcase will measure when they are side by side? 4.8 meters
On average, Earth is 92,400,000 miles from the sun. Plato is about 4,551,400,000 miles from the sun. How much farther is Plato from the sun than Earth is? 4.4585 x 10to the 9 power miles
Your height (h) must be at least 42 inches to ride the roller coaster at the amusement park. Which mathematical equation shows it? h > 42 inches
Usa and Ken took a day trip starting from their hotel. They were 151/8 miles away from the hotel when they realized they were lost. To get directions, they went back to a small town they had passed 81/2 miles earlier. Estimate the distance they h 6 miles
Estimate by rounding to the nearest half: 8/11 + 4/5? 1 and 1 half
Constantine the copycat sent a copy job to the printers and it cost $9.99. The job had a mistake, so Constantine had it done again. This time the cost was the approximate cost of the two jobs; $2.99. Constantine needed to tell his boss so he used $11.00
In the United States, about 22,000,000 people speak English. About 18,000,000 people speak English in Canada. Write in scientific notation the total number of English speaking people in the United States and Canada? 2.47x108
Maria has 8 gallons of paint she wants to use in three rooms of her house. If she uses 21/4 gallons of the paint in the bedroom and 11/4 gallons in the bathroom, how many gallons will she have left to paint the playroom? 41/2 gallons
Sandy, Ben, and Kwan picked strawberries. Sandy picked 8/25 of their combined total of strawberries. Ben picked 7/25 of their strawberries. How much of the strawberries did Kwan pick? 2/5
Tim and Kylie played golf this morning. Tim scored –4, Kylie scored +3. Because the player with the lowest score in golf wins,who won this morning’s golf game? Tim
18/30= 3/5
424/5-386/13 -386/13 4 and 32/65
W-Z = 2and2/3-1and3/5 1and1/5
Estimate by rounding to the nearest whole number: D 9 15and1/3- 5and4/5 9
Estimate by using front-end estimation with adjustment: $9.52 +9.41 $18.00
Estimate by rounding to the nearest half: 8/11+ 4/5 1and1/2
Estimate by rounding each term to the nearest whole number: 4and1/8+5/8 5
Estimate by using front-end estimation with adjustment: $8.86+3.84 13.00
Estimate by rounding each term to the nearest whole number: 8and3/4+5/9 10
Created by: sorahawk