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AubreyJJ Stack

6th Grade year

Nancy, Bob, Chris, Trevor, and Jen all want to run in three – legged race. If a team consists of two people, how many different teams can there be? 16 teams
How many outcomes are possible if you toss a penny, a nickel, and a dime? 8 times
Which number is less than 8 3/8? A 84/6 8.3 B 8 5/7 C 8.4 D 8 2/3 A 8.3
Andrew cook 10 1/2 quarts of soup. Each serving is 3/8 quarts. How many servings did Andrew make? 28
Your height must be at least 42 inches to ride the roller coaster at the amusement park. Which mathematical statement represents this situation? H >_ 42
Simplify: 77.7-8.7x0.35 74.665
You line up two ladybugs measuring 0.332cm and 0.257cm end to end. Which estimate for the total length of the two ladybugs? 0.600
Jenny bought 7 t-shirts, one for each of seven brothers, for $9.95 each. The casher charged her and additional $13.07 in sales tax. She left the store with a measly $7.28. How much money did Jenny start with? $90.00
The greatest common factor of two numbers is 30. Their least common multiple is 420. One of the numbers is 210. Can you find the other number? 60
Estimate by rounding to the nearest half? 3/7 + 1/6 1/2
Marissa had 10/17 of cherries and got 6/13 of a bowl more. Estimate how many bowls of cherries she had by rounding to the nearest half? 1 bowls
Sandy, Ben, and Kwan picked strawberries Sandy picked 8/25 of their combined total of strawberries. Ben picked 7/25 of their strawberries. How much of the strawberries did Kwan picked? 2/5
Charlie has a piece of wood that is 8 ½ feet long. For a project, he needs ¾ foot segments. How many segments of this length can he cut? 11
If 25/8, 14/3, 16/6, and 12/3 are placed in order from least to greatest, which will be first? 16/6
Rename 3/4, 4/9, and 4/7 so that they have the least common denominator 189/252, 112/252, 144/252
5.7 x6.9+1.5/3 39.83
21.8 – 7.4 x0.63 17.138
You put $2 away in January, $4 away in February, $8 in March, $16 away in April, and followed this saving pattern though December. How much money do you have in 12 months? $8,190
5.5 x 32.2 + 5.6 / 7 177.9
Write an improper fraction for 3 3/4? 15/4
Created by: AubreyJJ