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Sarah is doing a math assignment with reciprocals. Her question is what is the reciprocal of 4/3. What is the answer? 3/4
Megan has a question that says: What is 41/2 as a reciprocal? 2/9
Maryann is saving up for a new phone that cost $499.99. If she has $329 how much more does she need? $170.99 dollars more.
Karson has a pair shape-ups that cost $99.99. Her friend wants to have a pair to but when Karson got hers it was 55% off. How much will her friend pay? 154.98
. Katie has $500 to get a computer. The computer she wants is normaly $499.99 but today only its 38% more because its right before christmas. How much will she pay? $689.99
Brynna wants to get a new pair of tenni shoes at shoe carnival. She has $40 dollars she can use but she also needs $2.99 socks, $2.00 shoe laces. What is her cost limit for the tenni shoes? $35.01
If socks are normaly 2.99 but are on sale 2% off how much does it cost? $2.00
If you have $1,883,889,928,836.65 in your bank account and on a shopping spree you spend 1,883,888,927,836.65 how much do you have left? 2,000,000.00
Obama makes a 15% more difference in tax and for a normal person it normaly cost 6,777.77. How much will the normal person haft to pay? 7794.44
If Sonjra has a $39.99 pair of shoes and tax is 5% how much did she pay? $41.99
What is 5+5x11-4? 56
Reciprocal: 8/4= 4/8= 1/2
Reciprocal: 6/2= 2/6
Reciprocal: 7/2= 2/7
What is 5x2+10-4+8= 14
What is 6x2+7-2= 17
Reciprocal: 4 9/5= 29/5= 5/29
What is 5x6+2-6= 26
Reciprocal: 6/3= 3/6= 1/3
What is 3x6+20x5= 110
Created by: BGRBRYNNA