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leslie r studystack

math studystack

42 4/5-38 6/13= 4 22/65
11 9/14-8 1/7= 3 7/14=3 1/2
27/10,100%,2.4,8/3 order to least to greatest 8/3,2.4,27/10,100%
5 2/3+6 1/4= 11 11/12
10/21+7/21= 17/21
5 1/6+9 1/2= 14 4/6
5*ten to the third power= 150
5+(2*6)-2= (2*6)=12+5=17-2=15
11 4/14-9 2/14= 1 2/14
2/17,8/17,6/17,1/17 order least to greatest 1/17,2/17,6/17,8/17
At his last doctor's visit,pablo was 60 1/2 in.tall,the next visit he was 61 1/6, how much did he grow between visits. 1 2/6
Becy has $100 in her bank account ,she withdraws dollars, leaving a balance of $63.Which eqution descrides this situation? $100-d=$63
sam gathered 12 buckets of clams,kristin gathered 9b ,and mario gathered 6b.they sold the clam for $3b.how much money did tey earn. $81
which of the following show the steps to evaluate (6 1/2+1/4)*5-three to the forth power. add inside the parentheses,mutiply,subtract,find the value of three to the power of four
I had 9 1/4 pomegrates and my sister gave me 3 1/7 more, estimate how many pomegrates I have round to the nearest whole number. 12
brad had 3/6 of a bowl of candies and got 3/4 of a bowl more,estimate,how many bowls of candies he had by rounding to the nearest half. 1 1/2
The community theater group sold 300 tickets to the play for $9.75 each and 650 tickets for 5.75 each,how much did they make? $2,925.00
your (h) must be at least 42 in. to ride the roller coaster at the amuse ment park,which mathmatical statment represents this situation? h>42
the planet venus is about 1.0823*10 to 8 power kilo.from the sun,how many kilo. boes 1.0823*10 to 8 power represents? 108,230,000
at the samewich shop,customers have a choice of wheat,white,or rye breade.they can choose chicken,t 12
m for a filling , how much ways are there to select one bread and one filling?