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Alejandra w study st

Math study stack

Evaluate each expression 6 x 12 x 5= 360
Compare using <,>, or= 81 to the 0 power and 9 to the 2nd power 81 to the 0 power < 9 to the 2nd power
Write each fraction in simplest form 16/48 1/3
Write each improper fraction as mixed number or whole numbers. 50/8 6 ¼
Arthur started school in 1969. He is still living. If he was 5 years old when he started school, how old was he in 1986? 22 years old
The base of a triangle is 14 inches and it height in 6 inches. What is the triangle’s area? 42 square inches
Centerville is on highway 35 between Eastville and Westville. It is 7 miles from Eastville to Centerville and 17 miles from Eastville to Westville. How far is it from Centerville to Westville? 10 miles
Arthur started school in 1969. He is still living. If he was 4 years old when he started school, how old was he in 1975? 10 years old
Jerry mowed 1/5 of the lawn. Later, Nina mowed ¾ of the lawn. How much of the lawn did they mow altogether? 19/20 of the lawn
Wanda is cutting a 5 yard ribbon into pieces. If each piece will be 5/6 yard long how many pieces of this length can Wanda cut? 6
The band club sold 2,919 candy bars the first week of the fundraiser to buy new band uniforms . 5,676 candy bars were sold the second week . How many candy bars were sold the first two weeks? 8,595 candy bars
There are 30, 38 grams of medication. If a pharmacist Want to separate the medication into 34 capsules, how Many grams will be in each (Round to the nearest thousands.) 0.89 grams
Ms. Kelley cut a piece of ribbon 6.48 meters long into 6 pieces Of equal length. What was the length of each of each piece? 1.08m
Chris glued two boards together for strength one board was 1/32 of an inch thick and the other was 17/32 of an inch thick. If the glue adds no thickness, how thick is the new glued board? 9/16in
17/9 – 14/9 =(Reduce your answer) 1/3
Robin’s grandmother is making two recipes for thanksgiving. The first needs ¼ of a cup of flour, and the second 5/7 of a cup flour. How much flour will Robin’s grandmother need to make the recipes? 27/28 cups
Simplify your answer 7-14x3/7+6 7
Which number is greater than 3.28? a.3.293 b.3.275 b.3.25 c.3.36 a.3.293
Find a number between 2/5 and 4/5. ½
8x9+8-10/5 78
Created by: AlejandraGarcia