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Breyana.w study stac

Math study stacks-brey

Round 567 to the nearest hundred 60.2
On the highway Anita drove an average of 60.2 mph. At that speed can she travel in 3 ½ hrs. At that same speed, about how many hours will it take Anita to drive 400 miles? 240m; 7hrs
1.9+0.25+9.4+0.5= 12.05
Which of the following fractions is expressed in simplest form? 12/73
A community theater group sold 300 tickets to play for $9.75 each and 650 tickets for $5.75 each. How much did the group make in sale? $6,662.50
Sam gathered 12 buckets of clams, Kristy gathered 9 buckets, and Mario 6 buckets. They sold the clams $3 per bucket. How much money did they earn? $81
What is the value of 73? 343
What is the prime factorization of 36? 2x2x3x3
Wanda is cutting a 5yard piece of ribbon. If each piece will be 5/6 yards long, how many pieces of ribbon can she cut? 6 pieces
(2/5 +3/5) + 1/5= 2/5 + (3/5 +1/5) is an example of….? Associate property of addition
Find the LCM of 24 and 9 72
Margarite started out with a submarine sandwich 18 1/5 inches long. She ate 8 5/8 inches. Estimate the amount of sandwich remaining by rounding to the nearest inch. 2 bowls
Marissa had 8/40 of a bowl of grapes and got 2/7 of a bowl more .Estimate how many bowls of grapes she had by rounding to the nearest half 1 ½ bowl
Tony has 5/8 of a bottle of juice, David has ¾ of a bottle of juice and Charlie has ½ of a bottle of juice. How much juice do they have all together? 1 7/8 bottle of juice
36-16 5/11= 19 6/11
1/8 x 2/3= 1 1/3
Find the LCD 5/9, 19/45, 1/10 90
A drawer contains 8 red socks and 2 blue socks. What is the probability of removing a red sock and then removing a second red sock without replacing the first one? 28/45
Which number is less than 8 3/8? A-8.3 B-8 5/7 C-8.4 D-8 2/3 A-8.3
Keith has 3 bookcases that are each 1.6 meters wide. He wants to place them side by side along his bedroom wall. What is the length that the bookcase will measure when they are side by side? 4.8 meters
Created by: breyanawilliams