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julia whalen

fractions and word problems

3/16 + 1/20 = 19/80
compare: 1/8 and 6/7 = 1/8 < 6/7
The width of a doormat is 3/4 yards. The doorway is 6/7 yards wide. Find the difference in widths. = 3/28
What is the value of 73 (exponent) 343
What is the value of (3+5)x22(exponent)-4= 28
Charlie has a piece of wood that is 8 1/2 feet long. For a project, he needs 3/4 foot segments. How many segmentsof this length can he cut? = 11
4 1/7 - 3 1/8 = 1 1/56
11/12 - 3/6 = 5/12
Emilina had 6/9 of a bowl of grapes and got 1/3 of a bowl more.Estimate how many bowls of grapes does she have by rounding to the nearest half 1
sequins come in packs of 75. You use 12 sequins on each costume. If you have one pack of sequinshow many costumes can you make? 6 costumes
You pay $26.28 for a subscription to sewing magazine. You get an issue every month for a year how much does each issue cost? $12.19
You spent a total of $16.75 for 15 yards of ribbon. How much did the ribbon cost per yard? $0.45
Find the LCD: 5/9, 11/27, and 1/6 54
Buttons come in packs of 12. How many packs should you buy if you need 100 buttons? 9
5 1/8-4 1/9 1 1/72
Your sewing cabinet has compartments that hold 8 spools of thread each. You have 50 spools of thread each.How many compartments can you fill? 6
Estimate by roundingeach term to the nearest whole number. 8 3/4 +5/8 10
You are saving $17.00 each week to buy a sewing machine that costs $175.50how many weeks will you have to saveto have enough money to buy the sewing machine? 11 weeks
11/12 - 3/6 5/12
10- 8 1/2 1 1/2
Created by: juliawhalen