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Math Study Stacks

20 questions from my notebook or Acc Math that I got wrong

Frank and Antoine’s teams played the same number of baseball games this season. Frank’s team won 2/3 of its games. Antoine’s team won 8/12 of its games. Which team won the most? They both won the same
What is the prime factorization of 36? 2 × 2 × 3 × 3
• Nancy, Bob, Elizabeth, Chris, Trevor, and Jen all want to run in a three-legged race. If a team consists of 2 people, how many different teams can there be? 15 teams
6.158 × 10 to the 5th power= 615,800
21 1/6 + 1 3/8= 22 13/24
5 1/6 – 2 2/3= 2 1/2
19 1/7 – 5 1/3= 11 1/3
The community theater group sold 300 tickets to the play for $9.75 each and 650 tickets for $5.75 each. How much money did the group make in sales? $6,662.50
The planet Venus is about 1.0823x10 to the 6th power kilometers from the Sun. How many kilometers does 1.0823x10 to the 8th power represent? 108,230,000 kilometers
4/5 – ½ = 3/10
How many outcomes are possible if you toss a penny, a nickel, and a dime? 8 outcomes
11 9/14 – 8 1/7 = 3 ½
Harry grew 3 4/5 inches last year, and 2 ½ inches this year. How much more has Harry grown last year compared to this year? 1 3/10 more inches
62.4= 6.24 × 10 to the 1st power
39.4= 3.94 × 10 to the 1st power
40.8 ÷ 1.2 = 34
Anna is saving $6.35 a week to buy a computer game that costs $57.15. How many weeks will she have to save to buy the game? 9 weeks
.15 ÷ 3= .05
One backpacking tent weighs 6.8124 lb, and another weighs 4.6875 lb. What is the difference in these weights? 2.1249 lb
• Over several months, a scientist measured a total of 6.3 inches of snow. The average snowfall each month was 2.1 inches. How many months did the scientist measure the snow? 3 months
Created by: KimberlySiboura