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math beast

math promblems

sam gathered 12buckets of clames krist gathered 9 buckets the soled 3 bucket how much money did they earn 81
which is the factorization of 36 2/2/3/3/
what is tha value of 7/3 a 21
the sixed grade class held a car wash the student charged 3.25 to wash a car and 5.75 to wash a van th eamount of money they raised anbe by representing by the exspesionm 3.25 +5.75 if the washed 42 cars and 13 vans how much money did they raise 211.25
how many outcomes are possible if you toss a penny/ a nikel /dime 8
wich angle is acut b
given the expression 36 / (9-3) + 1/3 times 6which woulg go first a (9-3)
what is the lcm of 12 and 20 60
what is the lcm of 10 and 4 20
what is the lcm of 4 and 6 12
betty read 2/3 of her book how much is left over 1/2
the shcool gym rope is 10 and 1/2 feet long to make is easier to clim the gym teacher put 3/4 nots in how many nots are in the rope 14
what is the lcm of 4 and 16 16
what is the lcm of 50 and 100 100
5/7 recipacol 7/5
9/8 recipacol 8/9
mr morgan brout 12 1/2 of beef he used 1/4 pound how many burgurs can he make 50
stella has 6 punds of choclate she will use 2/3 of it how many cakes did they make 9
the bill for dinner cost 75.48 the fuor friends diecided to leave a 15.00 tip if they share the bill egule how much wole they pay 21.8
Created by: jamorgan