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All English Vocab

Audacious extremely bold / daring; fearless
Bemused bewildered or confused
Chide to express disapproval of something; to scold
Empathize to identify with another person's feelings
Flourish to thrive or grow
Keepsake anything kept as a token of affection / remembrance
Multifaceted having many aspects
Propensity a natural inclination / tendency
Scofflaw a person who disregards the law
Tenacity stubborn
Abash to make ashamed; to embarrass
Compulsion an irresistable impulse to act
Dubious undecided, uncertain, doubtful
Haggard worn out looking; exhausted
Innocuous harmless / innocent
Mendacious lying or untruthful
Onerous oppressive; burdensome
Paragon a model of excellence or perfection
Plausible apprently true or likely; possible
Solace comfort in sorrow
Apparition supernatural / unexplained appearance of something
Brazen shameless and rudely bold
Chivalrous considerate and courteous
Corpulent large or bulky in body
Decrepit weakened by old age; feeble
Gorge to eat excessive amounts
Infallible incapable of failing
Luminous radiating light; shining
Quandary a state of perplexity or uncertainty
Soothsayer a seer or prophet; one who can see the future
Aesthetic visually pleasing
Blase uninterested or bored
Digress to stray
Frugal costing little / good with money
Monotonous unvarying in tone
Placid calm or composed
Profane secular (non religous) or vulgar
Sophomoric immature
Stifle to extinguish or cut off
Vacuous empty and blank
Abhor to utterly detest; severely hate
Behemoth a creature of monstrous size / power
Cognizant aware
Desiccated dehydrated or powdered
Facade superficial illusion or appearance
Illicit not legally permitted or authorized
Penitent expressing sorrow for sin or wrongdoing
Raucous rowdy or disorderly
Reclusive shut off or apart from the world; living in seclusion
Wrath fierce anger
Abyss a deep immeasurable space
Boorish crude with rude, clumsy manners
Candor frankness or sincerity of expression
Eloquent vividly expressive
Fortitude strength of mind; courage
Gumption initiative / common sense
Irascible easily angered; irritable
Malcontent discontented or unhappy (can also be a person with those characteristics)
Tangible possible to understand / discernable by touch
Verbiage an excess or words for the purpose
Amble to walk leisurely
Balderdash nonsense
Contempt defiance / disrespect
Dross waste
Demure modest or reserved
Hubris overbearing pride; arrogance
Jeer to speak or shout derisively; taunt
Lament to express grief
Lethargic really tired, lacking energy
Squalor a wretched condition
braggadocio someone who brags or is really cocky
commiserate to feel or express sympathy for
crestfallen dispirited or dejected
dexterous skillful in the use of hands and mind
fiasco a complete failure
inarticulate unable to speak,speachless
kudos praise for exceptional achievement
opaque not reflecting light,dull
prognosticate a prediction
stately dignified,formal
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