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Vista Ch. 7

____ is a threat to privacy and often makes systems unstable. spyware
A(n) ____ computer is one that has outdated antivirus signatures or is missing security updates unhealthy
To address the risks to data stored on workstations and laptops, ____ has been added to Windows Vista. BitLocker Drive Encryption
Windows Vista includes a(n) ____ policy, which can be used to control many facets of Windows. local security
The local security policy is part of a larger Windows management system called ____, which can be implemented on a local computer, but is typically part of a domain-based network. Group Policy
The ____ policy controls password characteristics for local user accounts. password
Using the ____ policy, you can configure an account to be temporarily disabled after a number of incorrect log-on attempts. account lockout
A ____ rule allows or denies access to software based on the software publisher certificate. certificate
A ____ rule allows or denies access to software based on the filename and location. path
____ is the security process that records the occurrence of specific operating system events in the Security log. auditing
Audit ____ tracks when tasks are performed that require a user rights assignment, such as changing the system time. privilege use
Newer Windows applications use an application ____ to describe the structure of an application. manifest
____ Mode works in conjunction with UAC to prevent malicious software from installing through Internet Explorer. protected
____ is a very organized and deliberate attempt by individuals to steal personal and business information. phishing
____ is software that is silently installed on your computer, monitors your behavior, and performs actions based on your behavior. spyware
The most basic level of data security in Windows Vista is ____ permissions. NTFS
____ is the process of taking data and making it unreadable. encryption
A(n) ____ encryption algorithm uses the same key to encrypt data and decrypt data. symmetric
A(n) ____ encryption algorithm uses two keys to encrypt and decrypt data. asymmetric
A(n) ____ encryption algorithm is one-way encryption, which means that it encrypts data, but the data cannot be decrypted. hash
A(n) ____ is part of the motherboard in your computer and is used to store encryption keys and certificates. TPM
Created by: paulysa