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Moche the Beadle was deported from Sighet because he was.... a foreigner
What was the most important thing that Moche taught Eliezer? ask God right questions
What emotion best describes the attitude of the Jewish community in Sighet towards the Germans during the first five years of WWII? indifference
During which Jewish holiday did the German persecution of the Jews in Sighet begin? Passover
How did Eliezer learn that the Jews were to be deported? father heard from Jewish council
Which of the following people did not try to warn Eliezer's family to try to escape? Eliezer's uncle living in America
Where are the Jews forced to wait the entire day before deportation? synagogue
What event initially caused Madame Schachter to lose her mind? separation from husband and two sons
Which concentration camp does Eliezer arrive at first? Auschwitz/Birkenau
How old does Eliezer tell Dr. Mengele he is when he arrives at Birkenau? Eighteen
What happens to the prisoners every time they enter a new camp? strip and shower
What is the identification number tatooed on Eliezer? A-7713
What is the name of the distant relative that Eliezer meets at Birkenau? Stein of Antwerp
What do Eliezer's meals mostly consist of? Bread and soup
What is the name of Eliezer's younger sister? Tzipora
What is Eliezer's most valuable possession that he tries to hold onto for as long as possible? gold crown
What unit is Eliezer put into when he first arrives at Buna? music unit
What does Eliezer later find out about the French girl at Buna? she's Jewish
Who forces Eliezer to give up his gold crown? Franek
Who has Eliezer whipped for having walked in on he and a female? Idek
Created by: bprice