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Mixtures Solutions 7

Review for mixtures and solutions.

What is another name for a homogeneous mixture? Solution
In which kind of mixture can you see the parts easily with your eyes? Heterogeneous or Mechanical Mixture
In what mixture can you only see one set of properties? Homogeneous Mixture
What is a particle? An extremely small piece of matter.
How do the particles behave in a gas? The particles move around in every direction and are not close together.
In a solution, what is the thing doing the dissolving? Solvent
What are the two parts of a solution? Solvent and Solute
In a solution, what is the thing being dissolved? Solute
In a salt water solution, what is the solvent? Water
In a sugar water solution, what is the solute? Sugar
What does soluble mean? That it dissolves in the solvent.
What is it that tells us exactly how much solute is in a solution? The concentration.
What does dissolve mean? To blend into solution, to become smaller and smaller until it cannot be seen anymore.
What is matter? Anything that has mass and takes up space.
What kind of a mixture is concrete? Heterogeneous or Mechanical Mixture.
What kind of mixture is Orange Juice without pulp? Homogeneous mixture or Solution
What kind of a mixture is kool-aid? Homogeneous mixture or Solution
In kool-aid, what is the solute? Kool-aid powder.
What kind of a mixture is milk? Heterogeneous Mixture
What is a pure substance? A lot of one type of particle.
What is gold? A pure substance.
How might we separate iron from sand? Magnet
How can we separate oil and water? Decanting
How can we separate a solution? Distillation
What is a concentration? Exactly how much solute is in a solution.
How do we write concentration? Weight of Solute over Volume of Solvent
If we have 7 grams of sugar and we add it to 100 mL of water, what is our concentration? 7g/100mL
What is the term for a solution that has a lot of solute? Concentrated
What is the term for a solution that has little solvent? Dilute
What are the three most common factors affect solubility? Temperature, Stirring/Shaking, and Crushing
What is solubility? The ability for something to dissolve.
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