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management test 4

test bank questions for chapter 4

In the perceptual process, ____ is the process of noticing or becoming aware of particular stimuli. attention
What type of communication problem is it when managers react angrily and defensively when workers report problems? Upward Communication
____ are the rewards associated with performing a task or activity for its own sake. Intrinsic rewards
_________ leadership is a leadership style in which the leader consults employees for their suggestions and input before making decisions. Participative
According to ____, people will be motivated when they perceive they are being treated fairly. equity theory
The ____ states that people will be motivated to the extent to which they believe that their efforts will lead to good performance, that good performance will be rewarded, and that they are offered attractive rewards. expectancy theory
For the goal-setting theory to work, goals must ____. do all of these
Which of the following statements about leaders and managers is true? Organizations need both leaders and managers.
Process of influencing others to achieve group or organizational goals: Leadership
In the path-goal theory of leadership, subordinate satisfaction and subordinate performance would be examples of ____. outcomes
____ refers to the behavioral tendencies and personal characteristics of leaders that create an exceptionally strong relationship between them and their followers. Charismatic leadership
In nonverbal communication, the term ____ refers to movements of the body and face. kinesics
In terms of simplicity and effectiveness, which of the following reinforcement schedules may be the best choice for managers? continuous
What are four leadership styles? participative, achievement-oriented, directive, supportive
Because of ____, people exposed to the same information will often disagree about what they saw or heard. perceptual filters
In the perceptual process, ____ is the process of attaching meaning to new knowledge. interpretation
According to the text, ____ is the set of forces that initiates, directs, and makes people persist in their efforts to accomplish a goal. motivation
____ is based on an exchange process, in which followers are rewarded for good performance and punished for poor performance. Transactional leadership
Someone experiencing a(n) ____ would be likely to take any negative criticism of his or her department personally. self-serving bias
______ leadership is leadership that creates a positive image of the future that motivates organizational members and provides direction for future planning and goal setting. Visionary
The ____ is the system of official channels that carry organizationally approved messages and information. formal communication channel
A glass of water and shelter from a snowstorm would be examples of ____, and a gold necklace and tickets to see professional wrestling would not be. low-order needs
____ is a kind of one-on-one communication used by managers to improve an employee's on-the-job performance or behavior. Coaching
Which of the following statements about listening is true? All of these statements about listening are true.
A natural reward associated with performing a task or activity for its own sake. intrinsic reward
Created by: BeccaLeigh756