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Motion Problems

Help with tough Motion Problems

Two Friends hike a mountain trail. Darrel starts out on a trail at a pace of 4 kilometers an hour. One hour later, Roberto starts out on the same trail at 6 kilometers an hour. How long will it take Roberto to catch up with Darrel? 2 Hours
Sarah begins hiking at a pace of 4 k/h from one end of a trail that is 34 k/h long. Amanda begins one hour later at the other end of the trail, walking towards Sarah at a pace of 6 k/h per hour. How long will it take the two hikers to pass each other? 3 Hours
Aaron and Rebecca are entered in the 26-mile marathon race. Rebecca's average rate is 5 mph and Aaron's average rate is 8 mph. Both runners start at the same time. How far behind will the slower runner be when the faster runner crosses the finish line? 9.75 Miles
A Family drives from their home to an amusement park at an average speed of 60 mph and the trip home took 15 minutes less than the trip to the park. How far away from their home is the amusement park? 75 Miles
Created by: Mec95