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Battle w/ Grendel's Mother&Death of Beowulf

Who seeks revenge for Grendel's death?Name and explain the two motives that drive this creature to seek revenge Grendel's mother; she was grieving over her son and she had greed for more Danish death so she can devour them
What two things does Grendel's mother do when she attacks the Danes at Herot? Took Grendel's Claw; A victim and fled (Esher)
Why is Beowulf unable to stop her attack at Herot? Neither he nor his men are at Herot when she attacks
What two Anglo-Saxon ideals does Beowulf use to call the grieving Danes to action after Grendel's mother attacks Herot? Fame for themselves; revenge"all is better for us all/To avenge our friends
According to Beowulf, what is the noblest of all goals? Fame after death
What do the warriors see on a cliff as they travel to Grendel's mother's den? A dismal wood w/ bloody, bubbling water; Esher's bloody head
How does the poet describe the lake that covers Grendel's mother's den and the creatures which inhabit it? Blood-stained swirling; bubling w/ heat & sea serpents/beasts who devour ships; associated w/ evil, death, hell
Of what literary device is "wave-roamer" an example, and to what does it refer? kenning; a sea serpent; Beowulf kills w/ an arrow before descending into the den
How does Beowulf prepare for going down into the lake? fastened his armor
As Beowulf is about to descend into the lake, what does Unferth give to him? a weapon; the famous sword, Hrunting, which had never last a battle for its carrier
Explain how Beowulf's speech in lines 136-150 of the poem reflect the Anglo-Saxon ideal of loyalty and the code of comitatus He spoke of him dying. He was talking about what he would give away after he died; loyalty to men and king; loyalty as a leader and a warrior
Why does Beowulf end up fighting Grendel's mother with his bare hands? Weapons are useless against her
What motivates Beowulf to fight so courageously against Grendel's mother? He longs for fame and to defeat fate
What "doubled his strength" and fueled Beowulf's determination to defeat Grendel's mother? Anger
With what does Grendel's mother attempt to kill Beowulf? Why is she unsuccessful? dagger; the mail shirt he wore and God granted his victory (fate)
What does Beowulf see on the wall while fighting, and what does his ability to use it prove about him? A heavy sword; he was determined to get the job done; made by giants strong and worthy enough to carry or use the sword
Why does Beowulf decapitate Grendel's corpse? To repay him for what he did
What does Hrothgar and his wise warriors believe has happened when they see "the waves surging and blood/spurting through"? They thought he died
Although the hall where Beowulf fought Grendel's mother is full of treasure, what are the only two items he takes with him back to Herot? Grendel's head; hilt of magic sword the blade had melted because of Grendel's blood
Contrast the appearance of the lake when Beowulf emerges after fighting Grendel's mother with how it appeared prior to his descending. The lake was blood stained and bubbling, but it became calm and clean afterwards
What was the first thing Beowulf and his men did after being reunited? Thanked God that Beowulf had returned unharmed
What did Beowulf bring to King Hrothgar as a trophy of his victory over Grendel's mother? Grendel's head
Explain what causes the dragon to become angry a poor man stole a jeweled chalice
What country or land does the dragon attack? Geatland
What is Beowulf's role in society at the time of this episode? King
What does Beowulf have made for him in preparation for his battle with the dragon? How does this act show a difference between Beowulf when he fought Grendel and now? A battle shield made of iron; he will use armor and his bare hands
What does Beowulf wear as he faces the dragon? mailshirt
Of what is the dragon a symbol? evil; attacks at night and breathes fire
What is the name of Beowulf's sword that he takes with him as he faces the dragon? Nagling
Explain what occurs when Beowulf uses his sword against the dragon The sword broke into pieces and cracks in his hands
Name the only warrior who remained by Beowulf's side as he fought against the dragon Wiglaf
Why does Beowulf's sword smash to pieces in Beowulf's hands? iron always breaks in his hands because his arms are too strong
What happens to Beowulf's specially made shield? it melted
How does the dragon wound Beowulf? His tusks in Beowulf's neck
Who stabs the dragon with his sword, essentially killing the creature? Wiglaf
Who slit the dragon in half with his dagger? Beowulf
What point about Beowulf is the poet making with the lines, "...their courage had killed it, two noble cousins had joined in the dragon's death"? Beowulf no longer stands apart from men; Wiglaf will be his successor
How long had Beowulf been king before his death? 50 years
Why is it especially important as an Anglo-Saxon that Beowulf had "never washed his sword in blood born of his own family"? Remained true to ideal of kinship
What is the symbolic meaning behind the dragon's lair going from "darkness" to having "a strange light, shining everywhere"? evil defeated
Who goes into the dragon's lair to remove the treasure? Wiglaf
To whom does Beowulf give his throne before dying? Wiglaf
What four items does Beowulf give the person named in #23? golden necklace, gold-covered helmet, rings, and mail shirt
Explain why Beowulf's burial is so important to him For fame and reputation after his death; overcoming fate/fame
Where does Beowulf want his tomb built? by the water's edge
Where does Beowulf's soul go, according to the poet, when he dies? glory/Heaven
What do the warriors do with the dragon's body? rolled down the cliff
How long does it take the Geats to build Beowulf's monument? 10 days
What happens with the dragon's treasure at the end of the story, and what could this symbolize? more important to honor Beowulf than to be concerned w/ worldly treasures; buried w/ Beowulf
Created by: jjordan93