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Spanish I Adjectives

Mr. Holzshu's Spanish Review

Athletic deportista
adventureous atrevida
cautious prudente
organized ordenado
disorganized desordenado
hard-working trabajador
funny gracioso
serious serio
impatient impaciente
patient paciente
generous generosa
cheap tocana
artistic artistica
strong fuerte
weak debil
grande big
pequeno small/little
tall alto
short baja
fat gordo
skinny delgado
bald calvo
blond rubia
brown haired moreno
ugly feo
handsome guapo
pretty bonito
old viejo
young joven
sometimes a veces
really? de veras
I am Yo Soy
you are tu eres
not nice antipatico
nice simpatico
dumb; silly tonto
selfish egoista
very muy
friendly amable
quiet callado
but pero
social sociable
shy timido
intelligent inteligente
modest modesto
ocava hora 8th Hour
Septima hora 7th Hour
Sexta hora 6th Hour
Quinta hora 5th Hour
Cuarta hora 4th Hour
La Tercera hora 3rd Hour
La Segunda hora 2nd Hour
La Primera hora 1st Hour
Cuaderno Notebook
carpeta folder
La carpeta de argollas Binder
el grabadora recorder
el almuerzo lunch
el horario the schedule
You need tu necesitas
I need Yo necesito
I have Yo tengo
you have tu tienes
I learn Yo aprendo
you learn tu aprendes
what que
for para
today hoy
green peas los guisantes
carrots las zahahorias
onions las ceballas
baked potatoes las papas alhorno
milk la leche
water agua
soft drinks refrescos
coffee cafe'
tea te'
lemonade limonada
ice tea te' helado
orange juice el jugo do naranja
to drink beber (yo bebo, tu' bebes)
something algo
I think so Yo Creo que si'.
I ought to Yo debo + infinitive.
duck el pato
pig el cerdo
hen gallina
rabit conejo
chicken soup sopa de pollo.
rice arroz
ham jamon
fish pescado
vegetables verduras
Created by: erichholzshu
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