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Grade 5 Unit 5

Words to Learn

assure (v.) to tell positively; make a person sure of something
benefit (n.) anything that is good for a person or thing; (v.) to do good to or for
claim (v.) to call for or require; deserve; (n.) a right or title to something
condition (n.) the state in which a person or thing is; (v.) to bring into a desired state of health
contribution (n.) something furnished or provided (knowledge, ideas, etc.); money or volunteer help given to a charity; an article, story poem, etc., sent to a magazine for publication
effort (n.) use of energy to do something; strong attempt
express (v.) to put into words; (adj.) clear and direct; fast; (adv.) by express; (n.) an express bus, train, elevator, etc.; a method or means of swift transportation
immediate (adj.) having nothing coming between; closest; nearest; without delay
increase (v.) to become greater in size number, power, etc.; (n.) amount added
issue (n.) matter of concern; (v.) to send out; put forth
oppose (v.) to be against; try to hinder
participate (v.) to take part in
prompt (adj.) on time; (v.) to cause to do something
result (n.) that which happens because of something; good or useful effect; (v.) to happen because of something else
society (n.) a group of persons joined together for a common purpose; human beings living together as a group
Created by: ddoglio