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Atom A basic unit of matter, consisting of a nucleus (that made of neutrons and protons) and surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons
Isotopes are different types of the same element that contain equal numbers of protons but different numbers of neutrons in their nuclei, and hence differ in relative atomic mass but not in chemical properties
Mass Number is the number that indicates the total number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus
A reactor a container or apparatus in which substances are made to react chemically, especially one in an industrial plant
A unit operation unit operation is one of the basic step in an industrial process, that follows the same physical laws of other steps to archive the overall process
Mutation is a permanent change in the sequence of a gene, which is cause by DNA copying mistakes, exposure to chemicals or radiation, or infection by viruses
Condensation is a fenomenan in which the matter changes from the gaseus phase into a liwuid droplets or solid
Liquefaction is a process by which a substance is transformed into a liquid by cooling or heating
Catalysis is a chemical process in which the rate of chemical reaction changes due to the participation of a catalyst
fertilizer (n) דשן fertilization (n) דישון fertilize (v)להפרות - לדשן fertilizable (adj) ניתן להפריה/דישון fertile (adj) fertilely (adv)
chemistry (n) chemical (n)כימיקל chemist (n) chemical (adv) chemically (adv)
engineer (n) engeneering (n) engineer (v)
versatility (n) רב צדדיות versatile (adj)רב צדדי versatilely (adv) בצורה רב צדדית
economy (n) חסכון economics (n) כלכלה economize (v) לחסוך economic (adj) כלכלי economical (adj) חסכני economically (adv)
polymer (n) polymerization (n) polymerize (v) polymeric (adj)
facility (n) מתקן/מיומנות facilitate (v) להקל facilitative (adj) מקל
reactor (n) כור reaction (n) תגובה reactant (n) מגיב react(v) להגיב reactive (adj) מגיב reactively (adv) בצורה מגיבה
yield (n) רווחים/גיבול yield (v) לשאת רווחים
Catalyst is a substance that initiates a desirable chemical reaction or speeds up a reaction that would otherwise be too slow to be economical
Mettalocenes are catalysts that provide superb control over polymer growth/polymerization
Ethylene is a small molecule that consists of/that contain two carbon atoms and four hydrogen atoms
Propylene is a small molecule that contain three carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms
Molecule is a compound that consists of at least two atoms in a definite arrangement held together by chemical bonds
Single bond is a chemical bond in which a single pair of electronsis shared between two atoms
Double bond is a chemical bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between a pair of atoms
Corrosion is a process in which an engineered material disintegrates into its constituent atoms due to chemical reactions with its environment
Polymerization is a process in which small molecules, called monomers, combine chemically to produce/form a complex molecule, called polymer, with different properties.
"Verb" 1. after the subject 2. after helping verbs: be, have , do, modals
"Adverb" (ly adverb: adj+ly) 1. before/after the verb 2. before an adj 3. before another adverb : prfectly well-written paper
"Adjective" 1. before the noun 2. after verb - to be
"Nouns" 1. as the subject 2. as the object 3. in a noun compound 4. after preposition: in, on, to 5. after quantifiers: many, much, some 6. after articles 7. after possesive pronouns: my, your 8. after 's
conversion (n) המרה converter (n) ממיר convert (v) להמיר convertible (adj) בר-המרה convertibly (adv) בצורה מגיבה
Catalyst (n) קטליזטור catalyctic (adj) מזרז catalyctically (adv) בצורה מזורזת
lenght (n) אורך lenghten (v) לאריך long (adj) ארוך
resistor (n) נגד resistance (n) התנגדות resist (v) להתנגד resistant (adj) מתנגד/חסין resistible (adj) שאפשר לעמוד בפניו resistibly (adv) בצורה התנגדותית
consistency (n) עקביות consist (v) להיות מורכב מ consistent (adj) עקבי consistently (adv) בעקביות
stiffness (n) קשיות/קשיחות stiffen (v) להקשות/להתקשות stiff (adj) קשה/קשוח stiffly (adv) בקשיחות
exertion (n) הפעלה/מאמץ exert (v) להפעיל/להתאמץ
synthesis (n) סינטזה synthesize (v) לסנטז synthetic (adj) מלאכותי synthetically (adv) באופן מלאכותי
incorporation (n) איחוד/ הקמת תאגיד incorporate (v) לכלול/לאגד incorporated (adj) כלול ב/מאוגד
employment (n) תעסוק/הסמה employer (n) מעסיק employee (n) עובד employ (v) להסיק/לייסם employed (adj) מועסק employable (adj)
complication (n) סיבוך complicate (v) לסבך/להקשות complicated (adj) מסובך/מורכב
process (n) תהליך processing (n) עיבוד processor (n) מעבד process (v) לעבד processable (adj) ניתן לעיבוד
detriment (n) נזק/פגיעה detrimental (adj) מזיק/פוגע detrimentally (adv) בצורה מזיקה
environment (n) סביבה environmentalist (n) דוגל באיכות הסביבה environ (v) להקיף environmental (adj) סביבתי environmentally (adv) מן ההיבט של איכות לסביבה
adversity (n) צרה/מצוקה adverse (adj) מנוגד adversely (adv) לרעה
waste (n) פסולת/בזבוז waste (v) לבזבז wasted (adj) מבוזבז wasteful (adj) בזבזני wastefully (adv)
contamination (n) זיהום contaminant (n) חומר מזהם / גורם לזיהום contaminate (v) לזהם contaminated (adj) מזוהם contaminative (adj) בעל תכונות זיהומיות
elimination (n) הסרה / אלימינציה eliminate (v) לסלק/לחסל eliminative (adj) משמיט
irrigation (n) השקייה irrigate (v) להשקות
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