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Tools of Geometry vocabulary

define a point a place or dot in space, defined by its coordinates, notation is one capital letter
why is symbolic representation important in geometry? It displays what geometric object we are referring to, ie. line, ray, segment, angle, right angle, plane, point
define a line and how it is symbolically represented A line is a series of points extending in two directions without end. Two capital letters with arrows over them
define a ray and how it is symbolically represented An endpoint and part of a line in only one direction. Two capital letters with only one arrow over the letter the line is going.
define a segment and how it is symbolically represented A part of a line. Two capital letters with a line over them but no arrows
Define a plane and how is it notated A plane can be formed by any three points.
what does "contained" mean? as in a plane contains a line the object is on or in the other object, visually it is drawn with solid lines
What is a bisector? A line, or part of a line that divides a segment or angle into two congruent parts
What does a perfect angle bisector construction look like? A big arc that intersects both sides of the angle and two little arcs intersecting in the middle of the angle and a line connecting the vertex to the intersection of the two small arcs
What does a perfect segment bisector construction look like? Two small arcs intersecting above and below the segment (4 small arcs total) and a line connecting the intersecting arcs
What is the midpoint formula? add the x's and divide the sum by 2, add the y's and divide the sum by 2, It has to be in the middle and it has to be a set of coordinates (x,y)
How do you find length or distance? Use the distance formula from 2 points or plot the points and form a right triangle and count the horizontal and vertical sides and use pythagorean's theorem
An example of two planes that are parallel in this room is... ceiling and floor or opposite walls
An example of two planes that are perpendicular in this room is... floor and wall or ceiling and wall
If two lines intersect, they always form a... Point
If two planes intersect, they always form a... Line
Define parallel when objects have the same slope and therefore never intersect
Define perpendicular when objects intersect and form right angles
List all the formulas from algebra that help you solve a composite or shaded area problem triangles, circles, rectangles, trapezoids, squares
What is the difference between a radius and a diameter? A radius is half the length of the diameter or two radii form a diameter
What is collinear? When points are on the same line
What is coplanar? Objects that are on the same plane
What does adjacent mean? next to
What are 3 angle relationships in tools of geometry? vertical (across from eachother and congruent), complements sum to 90, supplements and linear pairs sum to 180.