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9000 Words - Part 1

a a / to
abajo down / below / downstairs
abandonar to abandon
abandonado/a abandoned
abandono abandonment
abanico fan
abanicar to fan
abaratar to lower the price of
abarcar to cover
abarrotes groceries / packings
abastecer to supply
abastecimiento supplying
abasto supply
abatir to knock down
abatirse to get depressed
abatido/a dejected
abatimiento discouragement
abdicar to abdicate
abdicación\ciones abdication
abdomen abdomen
abdominal abdominal
abecedario alphabet
abedul birch
abeja bee
aberración\ciones aberration
abertura opening
abierto/a open
abismo abyss
abismal enormous
ablandar to soften
ablandarse to soften
abnegarse to deny oneself
abnegado/a self-sacrificing
abnegación\ciones self-denial
abochornar to embarass
abochornarse to get embarassed
abofetear to slap
abogado/a lawyer
abogacía legal profession
abogar to defend / plead of
abolir to abolish
abolición\ciones abolition
abollar to dent
abolladura dent
abominar to detest
abominable abominable
abominación\ciones abomination
abonar to pay
abonado/a subscriber
abono payment / fertiñizer
abordar to tackle / accost / board
aborigen\rígenes aborigine
aborrecible hateful
abortar to abort
aborto abortion
abotonar to button
abrazar to embrace
abrazo hug
abrebotellas bottle opener
abrelatas can opener
abreviar to shorten
abreviación\ciones abbreviation
abreviatura abbreviation
abridor opener
abrigar to shelter / wrap up
abrigarse to take shelter
abrigado/a sheltered
abrigo coat / shelter
abril april
abrillantar to polish / shine
abrir to open / unlock
abrochar to fasten / to button
abrocharse to fasten oneself
abrumar to crush / to overwhelm
abrumador/dora overwhelming
absoluto/a absolute
absolutamente absolutely
absolver to absolve
absorber to absorb
absorbente absorbent
absorción\ciones absorption
absorto/a absorbed / engrossed
abstenerse abstain / refrain
abstención\ciones abstention
abstinencia abstinence
abstracción\ciones abstraction
abstracto/a abstract
abstraer to abstract
abstraído\da abstracted / preoccupied
absurdo/a absurd
abundancia abundance
abundante abundant
aburrir to bore (as in yawn)
aburrirse to become bored
aburrido/a boring
aburrimiento boredom
abusar to abuse
abusivo/a abusive
acabar to finish
acabado/a finished
academia academy
académico/a academic
acalorar to warm up / to stir up
acalorarse to get worked uo
acalorado/a heated
acampar to camp
acantilado cliff
acariciar to caress
acarrear to carry
acaso perhaps / maybe
acaudalado/a wealthy / accumulated
acceder to agree
acceso access
accesible accessible
accesorio accessory
accidentado/a turbulent / rough / victim
accidental accidental
accidente accident
acción\ciones action
accionar to drive / to activate
accionista shareholder
acechar to watch / stalk
aceite oil
aceitar to oil
aceitoso/a oily
aceituna olive
acelerar to accelerate
acelga chard
acentuar to accentuate
acento accent / emphasis
aceptar to accept
aceptable acceptable
aceptación\ciones acceptance
acera sidewalk
acero steel
acertado/a accurate
acertijo riddle
acetona acetone
achicar to drain / to make smaller
ácido/a acid
acidez\deces acidity
acierto correct
aclamar to acclaim
aclamación\ciones acclaim
aclarar to clarify
aclaración\ciones explanation
aclaratorio/ria explanatory
aclimatar to acclimate
aclimatarse to become aclimated
aclimatación\ciones acclimatization
acné acne
acobadar to intimidate
acobardarse to become frightened
acoger to welcome
acogerse to take refuge
acogedor/dora cosy
acogida welcome
acolchar to pad
acometer to undertake / to attack
acomodar to adjust
acomodarse to settle in
acomodado/a accommodated / well to do
acompañar to accompany
acompañamiento accompaniment
acompañante companion
acondicionar to prepare / to equip
acondicionado/a equipped
acongojarse to get upset
aconsejar to advise
aconsejable advisable
acontecer to occur
acontecimiento event
acordar to decide
acordarse to remember
acorde agreed
acordeón\deones accordion
acortar to shorten
acortarse to get shorter
acosar to harass
acoso harassment
acostar to lay down
acostarse to lie down / go to bed
acostumbrarse to get used to
acostumbrado/a accustomed / usual
acrecentar to increase
acrecentamiento increase / growth
acreditar to accredit
acreditarse to prove oneself
acreditado/a accredited
acreedor/dora creditor / whorty
acribillar to riddle
acrílico acrylic
acrobacia acrobatics
acróbata acrobat
acrobático/a acrobatic
acta act
actitud attitude
activar to activate
actividad activity
activo/a assets
acto act
actor actor
actriz\trices actress
actual present
actualidad the present time
actualizar to update
actualización\ciones update
actualmente at present / nowadays
actuar to act
acuarela watercolor
acuario aquarium
acuático/a aquatic
acuchillar to stab / knife
acudir to go / come
acueducto aqueduct
acuerdo agreement
acumular to accumulate
acumularse to pile up
acumulación\ciones accumulation
acumulador storage battery
acumulativo/a cumulative
acupuntura acupuncture
acurrucarse to curl up / nestle
acusar to accuse
acusación\ciones accusation
acusado/a defendant
acústica acoustics
acústico/a acoustics
adagio adage / proverb
adaptar to adapt
adaptarse to adapt
adaptable adaptable
adaptación\ciones adaptation
adaptador adapter
adecuar to adapt
adecuarse to be appropriate
adecuado/a adapted
adelantar to advance
adelantarse to go ahead
adelantado/a advanced
adelante ahead
adelgazar to become thin
ademán\manes gesture
además in addition / besides / furthermore
adentro inside
adentrarse to go into / get inside of
adepto/a follower
aderezar to decorate
aderezo dressing
adeudar to owe
adherirse to adhere
adherencia adhesion
adhesión\siones adhesion
adhesivo/a adhesive
adición\ciones addition
adicional additional
adicto/a addict
adiestrar to train
adinerado/a wealthy
adiós good bye
aditivo additive
adivinar to guess / foretell
adivinación\ciones guessing / prediction
adivinanza riddle
adivino/a fortune teller
adjetivo/a adjective
adjudicar to award
adjudicarse to appropriate
adjudicación\ciones awarding
adjuntar to enclose
adjunto/a associate / enclosed
administración\ciones administration / management
administrador/dora administrator /manager
administrar to administer / manage
administrativo/a administrative
admirar to admire
admirable admirable
admiración\ciones admiration
admirador/dora admirer
admitir to admit
admisión\siones admission
adn dna
adobe adobe
adobo marinade
adoctrinar to indoctrinate
adoctrinamiento indoctrination
adolecer to suffer
adolescente adolescent
adolescencia adolescence
adonde where
adónde where
adoptar to adopt
adopción\ciones adoption
adoptivo/a adoptive
adorar to adore / worship
adorable adorable
adoración\ciones adoration / worship
adormecer to make sleepy
adormecerse to doze off
adormecimiento drowsiness
adornar to adorn / decorate
adorno ornament /decoration
adquirir to acquire
adquisición\ciones acquisition
adrede intentionally / on purpose
aduana customs
aduanero/a customs officer
aducir to cite / put forward
adueñarse to take possession
adular to flatter
adulación\ciones flattery
adulador/dora flatterer
adulterar to adulterate
adulterio adultery
adúltero/a adulterer
adulto/a adult
advenimiento advent / arrival
adverbio adverb
adverbial adverbial
adversario/ria adversary
adverso/a adverse
adversidad adversity
adyacente adjacent
aéreo/rea aerial
aerobic aerobics
aerodinámico/a aerodynamic
aeródromo airfield
aerolínea airline
aeromozo/a flight attendant / steward
aeronave airship
aeropuerto airport
aerosol aerosol / spray
afán\afanes eagerness / effort
afanarse to toil
afanosamente laboriously
afanoso/a laborious / eager
afección\ciones affection
afectar to affect
afectación\ciones affectation
afectado/a affected
afectivo/a affective
afecto affection
afectuoso/a affectionate
afeitar to shave
afeitarse to shave
afeitada shave
afeminado/a made effeminate
aferrarse to cling
afianzar to strengthen
afianzarse to become established
afiche poster
afición\ciones hobby / penchant
aficionado/a fan
aficionarse to become interested
afilar to sharpen
afilado/a sharp
afilador knifegrinder / sharpener
afiliación\ciones affiliation
afiliado/a affiliated
afín compatible
afin\afines compatible
afinidad affinity
afinar to tune / refine
afirmar to affirm
afirmación\ciones affirmation
afirmativo/a affirmative
afligir to afflict / distress
afligirse to grieve
aflición\ciones affliction / sorrow
afligido/a sorrowful
aflojar to loosen / slacken
afloramiento outcrop
afluencia affluence
afluente affluent
afortunado/a lucky / fortunate
afortunadamente fortunately / luckily
afrentar to insult
afrenta insult
africano/a african
afrontar to confront
afuera outside
agachar to bend / lower
agacharse to crouch
agalla grill
agarrar to grasp / catch
agarrarse to hold on
agarradera handle
agarrado/a stingy
agarre take hold / grip
agasajar to entertain / fete
agasajo entertainment / lavish attention
agencia agency
agente agent / officer
agenda agenda
ágil agile
agilidad agility
agitar to shake / agitate
agitarse to be shaken / toss about
agitación\ciones agitation
agitado/a agitated / excited / shaken
aglomerar to amass
aglomerarse to crowd together
agnóstico/a agnostic
agobiado/a weary
agobiante oppressing
agonizar to be dying
agonía agony / death
agonizante dying
agosto august
agotar to exhaust / deplete
agotarse to run out / get tired
agotado/a exhausted
agotador/dora exhausting
agotamiento exhaustion
agraciado/a attractive
agradar to be pleasing
agradable pleasant
agrado pleasure
agradecer to be thankful
agradecido/a grateful
agradecimiento gratefulness
agrandar to enlarge
agrandarse to grow larger
agrario/ria agrarian / agricultural
agravar to make heavier
agravarse to get worse
agraviar to offend / insult
agredir to attack
agregar to add / attach
agresión\siones aggression
agresividad aggressiveness
agresivo/a aggressive
agresor/sora aggressor
agriar to sour
agriarse to turn sour
agrícola agricultural
agricultura agriculture / farming
agricultor/tora farmer
agridulce bittersweet
agrietar to crack
agrio/agria sour
agrupar to group
agruparse to form a group
agrupación\ciones group / association
agrupamiento grouping
agua water
aguacate avocado
aguado/a watery
aguantar to hold / bear
aguantarse to resign oneself
aguardar to await
aguardiente brandy
aguarrás turpintine
agudo/a acute / sharp
agudeza sharpness
águila eagle
aguja needle
agujero hole
agujeta shoelace
ahí there
ahijado/a godson / godchild
ahogar to drown
ahogarse to suffocate / drown
ahogo breathlessness
ahondar to deepen
ahora now
ahorcar to hang
ahorcarse to hang oneself
ahorita right now
ahorrar to save / spare
ahorrarse to spare oneself
ahorro saving
ahumar to smoke
ahumado/a smoked
ahuyentar to scare away
airado/a angry
aire air
aislar to isolate
aislamiento isolation
ajedrez chess
ajeno/a someone else's
ajetreado/a busy
ají\ajíes chili pepper
ajo garlic
ajustar to fit
ajustarse to adjust
ajustable adjustable
ajustado/a fit
ajuste fit
ala wing
alabanza praise
alabar to praise
alacrán\cranes scorpion
alambre wire
alameda tree-lined avenue / poplar grove
álamo poplar
alardear to boast
alargar to extend
acá here
abuso abuse
acostumbrar to accustom
alargarse to become longer
alarido howl
alarmar to alarm
alarma alarm
alarmante alarming
alba dawn
albahaca basil
albañil bricklayer / mason
albaricoque apricot
albedrío will
alberca reservoir / swimming pool
albergar to lodge
albergue lodging
albóndiga meatball
alborotar to excite / stir up
alborotarse to get excited
alborotado/a excited
alborotador/dora agitator / rioter
alboroto ruckus
álbum album
alcachofa artichoke
alcalde/desa mayor
alcancía money box
alcantarilla sewer / drain
alcanzar to reach
alce moose
alcoba bedroom
alcohol alcohol
alcohólico/a alcoholic
alcoholismo alcoholism
aldea village
aldeano/a villager
aleación\ciones alloy
aleatorio/ria random
aledaño/a bordering
alegoría allegory
alegrar to cheer up / make happy
alegrarse to be glad
alegre happy / glad
alegremente happily
alegría joy / cheer
alejar to move away / remove
alejarse to move away / drift apart
alejado/a moved away / remote
alejamiento distance / estrangement
alemán/mana german
alentar to encourage
alentador/dora encouraging
alergía allergy
alérgico/a allergic
alertar to alert
alerta alert
aleta fin / flipper
alfabeto alphabet
alfabético/a alphabetical
alfabetismo literacy
alfabetizar to alphabetize
alfalfa alfalfa
alfarería pottery
alfil bishop
alfiler pin
alfiletero pincushion
alfombra small rug / carpet
alfombrilla rug
alga seaweed
álgebra algebra
algo something
algodón\dones cotton
alguacil bailiff / constable
alguien somebody
alguno/a some / any
algunos/nas some / a few
alhaja jewel
aliado/a ally
alianza alliance
aliarse to form an alliance
alias alias
alicates pliers
alienar to alienate
alienación\ciones alienation
aliento breath
aligerar to lighten
alimentar to feed / nourish
alimentarse to feed itself
alimentación\ciones feeding
alimenticio/cia nutritional / nourishing
alimento food
alinear to align
alineación\ciones alignment
aliño seasoning / dressing
aliñar to season / dress
alisar to smooth
alistarse to get ready / join up / enlist
alistamiento enlistment
aliviar to relieve / soothe
alivio relief
allá there
allanar to level out / smooth
allanamiento breaking and entering
allegado/a close friend
allí there
alma soul
almacén\cenes warehouse
almacenamiento storage
almacenar to store
almanaque almanac
almeja clam
almendra almond
almíbar syrup
almidón\dones starch
almidonar to starch
almirante admiral
almohada pillow
almorzar to have lunch
almuerzo lunch
alocado/a crazy / wild
aloe aloe
alojar to lodge
alojamiento lodging
alondra lark
alpaca alpaca
alpinismo mountain climbing
alpinista mountain climber
alpiste birdseed
alquilar to rent / lease
alquiler rent / lease
alquitrán\tranes tar
alrededor around / about
alrededores outskirts
alta discharge
altanería arrogance / haughtiness
altanero/a arrogant / haughty
altar altar
altavoz\voces loudspeaker
alterar to alter
alterarse to get upset
alteración\ciones alteration
alterado/a upset
altercado argument / altercation
alternar to alternate
alternativa alternative
alternativo/a alternative
alterno/a alternate
alteza heighness
altiplano high plateau
altitud altitude
altivez\veces arrogance / haughtiness
altivo/a arrogant / haughty
alto/a tall / high / stop
altoparlante loudspeaker
altruista altruist
altruismo altruism
altura height
alucinar to hallucinate
alucinación\ciones hallucination
alud avalanche
aludir to allude / refer
aludido/a alluded / take it personally
alumbrar to illuminate / light
alumbrado lighting
alumbramiento lighting / childbirth
aluminio aluminum
alumno/a student / pupil
alusión\siones allusion
aluvión/viones flood
alzar to raise / lift
alza rise
alzamiento rise / uprising
amabilidad kindness
amable kind / nice
amaestrar to train
amamantar to nurse / breast feed
amanecer to dawn / wake up
amanerado mannered
amante lover
amapola poppy
amar to love
amargar to make bitter
amargado/a bitter
amargo/a bitter
amargura bitterness
amarillo/lla yellow
amarrar to moor
ámbar amber
ambición\ciones ambition
ambicioso/a ambitious
ambiente atmosphere / environment
ambiental environmental
ambiguedad ambiguity
ambiguo/gua ambiguous
ámbito sphere / domain
ambos/bas both
ambulancia ambulance
ambulante traveling / itinerant
amén amen
amenazar to threaten
amenaza threat / menace
amenizar to make pleasant
ameno/a pleasant
americano/a american
ameritar to deserve
ametralladora machine gun
amígdala tonsil
amigdalitia tonsilitis
amigo/a friend
amigable friendly
aminorar to lessen / diminish
amistad friendship
amistoso/a friendly
amnesia amnesia
amnistía amnesty
amo/ama master / mistress
amoldar to adjust / adapt
amoldarse to adapt to
amonestar to admonish / warn
amonestación\ciones warning / admonition
amoníaco ammonia
amontonar to accumulate / pile up
amontonarse to crowd / pile up
amor love
amordazar to gag
amorío love affair
amoroso/a loving / sweet lovable
amortiguar to muffle / tone down
amortiguador shock absorber
amortizar to pay off
amotinar to incite to riot
amotinarse to rebel / riot
amparar to protect / shelter
ampararse to take shelter from
amparo shelter / refuge
ampliar to extend / expand / enlarge
ampliación\ciones extension
amplificar to amplify
amplificador amplifier
amplio/plia ample
amplitud amplitude
ampolla blister / ampoule
amputar to amputate
amputación\ciones amputation
amueblar to furnish
anaconda anaconda
analfabeto/a illiterate
analfabetismo illiteracy
analgésico analgesic
analizar to analyze
análisis analysis
analítico/a analytical
analogía analogy
análogo/a analog
anaranjado/a orange
anarquía anarchy
anarquista anarchist
anatomía anatomy
ancestral ancestral
ancho/cha wide / broad
ancho width
anchoa anchovy
anchura width
anciano/a old
ancla anchor
anclar to anchor
andamio scaffold
andanzas adventures
andar to walk
andén\denes platform
andino/a andean
andrajos rags / tatters
anécdota anecdote
anemia anemia
anémico/a anemic
anestesia anesthesia
anestésico/a anesthetic
anexar to annex / attach
anfibio/bia amphibian / amphibious
anfiteatro amphitheatre
anfitrión/triona host / hostess
ángel angel
angelical angelical
anglosajón/jona anglo-Saxon
angosto/a narrow
anguila eel
ángulo angle
angustiar to distress / anguish
angustiarse to become anguished
angustia anguish / worry
angustioso/a anguished
anhelar to crave / yearn for
anhelante yearning / longing
anhelo yearning / longing
anidar to nest
anillo ring
animación\ciones animation / liveliness
animado/a animated / cheerful
animador/dora host / cheerleader
animal animal
animar to aencourage / cheer up
animarse to liven up
ánimo spirit / soul / moods
animosidad animosity
animoso/a spirited
aniquilar to annihilate
aniquilación\ciones destruction / annihilation
anís anise
aniversario anniversary
ano anus
anoche last night
anochecer to get dark
anónimo/a anonymous
anonimato anonymity
anorexia anorexia
anormal abnormal
anormalidad abnormality
anotar to write down / annotate
anotación\ciones annotation
ansiar to long for
ansiedad anxiety
ansioso/a anxious
antagónico/a antagonistic
antagonismo antagonism
antagonista antagonist
antaño long ago / yesteryear
antártico/a antarctic
ante before
anteanoche the night before last
anteayer the day before yesterday
antebrazo forearm
anteceder to precede
antecedente antecedent / previous
antecesor/sora predecessor / ancestor
antemano beforehand
antena antenna
anteojos eyeglasses
antepasado/a ancestor
antepenúltimo/a third from last
anteponer to place before
anterior previous
anterioridad beforehand
anteriormente previously
ante before / in front of
antesala waiting room
antiaéreo/rea antiaircraft
antibiótico antibiotic
anticipar to anticipate / move up
anticiparse to get ahead
anticipación/ciones anticipation
anticipado/a advance
anticipo advance payment
anticoncepción\ciones contraception
anticonceptivo/a contraceptive
anticongelante antifreeze
anticuado/a old fashioned
anticuerpo antibody
antídoto antidote
antiestético/a unsightly
antifaz\faces mask
antiguo/gua ancient / old
antiguamente long ago
antiguedad antiquity
antihigiénico/a non-hygienic / unsanitary
antiinflamatorio/ria anti-inflammatory
antinatural unnatural
antipatía aversion / dislike
antipático/a unpleasant
antirreglamentario/ria unlawful
antirrobo burglar alarm / antitheft
antisemitismo anti-semitism
antiséptico/a antiseptic
antisocial antisocial
antítesis antithesis
antojarse to crave
antojadizo/a capricious
antojo whim / craving
antología anthology
antorcha torch
antro dive / den
antropófago/a anthropophagous / cannibal
antropología anthropology
anual annual
anualidad annuity
anuario yearbook
anular to annul / cancel
anulación\ciones cancellation / annulment
anunciar to announce
anunciante advertiser
anuncio announcement
anzuelo fishhook
añadir to add
añadirura additive
añejo/a aged
año year
añorar to long for / miss
aorta aorta
apagar to turn off / switch off
apalear to beat up
aparador sideboard / shop window
aparato machine / aparatus
aparecer to appear
aparentar to seem
aparición appearance
apartar to move away / set aside
apasionado/a passionate / excited
apatía apathy
apelar to appeal
apellido last name
apenar sadden
apéndice appendix
aperitivo appetizer
apertura opening
apestar to stink
apetito appetite
apilar to pile up
apiñar to pack
apio celery
aplacar to appease
aplanar to flatten
aplastar to crush
aplaudir to applaud
aplazar to postpone
aplicar to apply
apodar to nickname
apodo nickname
apología apology
apoplegía apoplexy
aportar to contribute
apostar to bet
apóstol apostle
apoyar to support / lean
apreciar to appreciate
apremiar to urge
aprender to learn
apresar to capture
apresurar to speed up
apretar to press
aprisa quickly
aprisionar to imprision
aprobar to approve of
aprovechar to take advantage of
apuesta bet
apuesto good looking
apuñalar to stab
apuntar to point / aim
apunte note
apurar to hurry / rush
aquel that
aquello/a that
aquellos those
aquí here
aquietar to calm
árabe arab
arado plow
araña spider / chandelier
arancel tariff
arbitrar to arbitrate
árbol tree
arbusto shrub / bush
arca ark
arcaico archaic
archipiélago archipelago
archivar to file
arcilla clay
arco arch
arder to burn
ardiente burning
ardilla squirrel
ardor burning
arduo/dua arduous
área area
arena sand
arete earring
argolla ring / hoop
arguir to argue
argumentar to argue
árido arid / dry / arid
aristocracia aristocracy
aritmética arithmetic
armar to arm / assemble
armario closet / cabinet
armonizar to harmonize / reconcile
arngentino/a argentinian
aro ring / hoop
aroma scent / aroma
arpa harp
arqueología archaeology
arqueólogo/a archaeologist
arquero/a archer
arquitectura architecture
arrancar to pull out
arrastrar to drag
arrebatar to snatch
arrecife reef
arreglar to tidy up / fix
arrendar to rent / lease
arrepentirse to regret
arrestar to arrest
arriba up
arribar to arrive
arriesgar to risk / venture
arrodillarse to kneel (down)
arrogancia arrogance
arrojar to hurl
arroyo stream
arroz rice
arrugar to wrinkle
arruinar to ruin
arrullar to lull to sleep
arrullo lullaby
arsénico arsenic
arte art
artefacto artifact
arteria artery
artesanía handicrafts
ártico/a arctic
articular to articulate
artículo article
artificial artificial
artificio skill
artillería artillery
artista artist
artritis arthritis
arveja pea
arzobispo archbishop
asa handle
asado roasted
asaltar to assault
asamblea assembly
ascender to rise up
asear to clean
asegurar to assure
asemejarse be similar
aseo cleanliness
asesinar to murder / assassinate
asesorar to advise / counsel
aseverar to assert
asfixiar to asphyxiate / suffocate
así like this
asiático/a asian
asiento seat
asignar to assign
asilo asylum
asimilar to assimilate
asistir to attend
asma asthma
asno donkey
asociar to associate
asolar to devaste
asombrar to amaze
asombroso/a amazing
aspecto aspect
áspero/a rough / harsh
aspiradora vacuum cleaner
aspirar to aspire to
aspirina aspirin
asquerosidad filth
asta flagpole
asterisco asterisk
asteroide asteroid
astigmatismo astigmatism
astro star / heavenly body
astrología astrology
astronauta astronaut
astronave spaceship
astronomía astronomy
astucia astuteness / cunning
asueto time off
asumir to assume
asunto matter / bussiness
asustar to scare / frighten
atacar to attack
atado bundle
atadura tie
atajar to block
ataque attack
atar to tie up
atareado/a busy
ataúd coffin
atemorizar to frighten
atención\ciones attention
atender to attend
atento/a attentive
atenuar to dim
ateo/a atheistic
aterciopelado/a velvety / downy
aterrar to terrify
aterrizar to land
aterrorizar to terrify
atestiguar to testify to
ático penthouse / attic
atlántico atlantic
atlas atlas
atleta athlete
atmósfera atmosphere
átomo atom
atónito/a astonished
atontar to stun / daze
atormentar to torment
atornillar to screw
atorrante burm / loafer
atracar to dock
atracción\ciones attraction
atractivo/a attractive
atraer to attrack
atragantarse to choke
atrancar to block
atrapar to trap / capture
atrás back / behind
atravesar cross
atrayente attractive
atreverse to dare
atribuir to attribute
atributo attribute
atrocidad atrocity
atropellar to run over
atroz atrocious
atún tuna
audible audible
audiencia aundience
audífono headphone / earphones
audiovisual audiovisual
auditorio auditorium
auge peak
augurar to predict
aula classroom
aullar to howl
aumentar to increase / raise
aumento increase / rise
aun even
aún still
aunque though / although
auricular headphones
aurora dawn
ausentarse to leave / go away
auspicios auspcies / sponsorship
australiano/a australian
austriaco/a austrian
auténtico/a authentic
auto car
autoayuda self-help
autobús bus
autocontrol self-control
autocracia autocracy
autóctono/a native
autodefensa self-defense
autodidacta self-taught
autodisciplina self-discipline
autografiar to autograph
automático/a automatic
automóvil automobile
autonomía autonomy
autopista highway
autopsia autopsy
autor/a author
autoretrato self-portrait
autoridad authority
autorizar to authorize
autoservicio self-service
autosuficiente self-sufficient
auxiliar auxiliary / aid
avalancha avalanche
avalar to guarantee / endorse
avanzar to advance
avaricia greed / avarice
ave bird
avellana hazelnut
avena oats
avenida avenue
aventajar to be ahead of
aventurar to venture
avergonzar to shame
averiar to damage / break down
averiguar to find out
avestruz\truces ostrich
aviación aviation
aviador/a aviator
avión airplane
avisar to notify
avispa wasp
axila underarm
axioma axiom
ayer yesterday
ayudar to help
ayuntamiento town hall
azar chance
azteca aztec
azúcar sugar
azufre sulphur
azul blue
babero bib
bacalao cod
bacteria bacterium
bahía bay
bailar to dance
bajar to bring down / lower / go down
bajo/a low / short / faint
bala bullet
balada ballad
balancear to balance
balazo shot
balcón balcony
balde bucket
balear to shoot
balística ballistics
ballena whale
ballesta crossbow
balneario spa
balón ball
balsa raft
bambú bamboo
banana banana
bañar bathe
banca banking
bandeja tray
bandera flag
banderilla banderilla
bandido bandit
banquete banquet
baqueta ramrod
bar bar / tavern
barajar to shuffle
barato/a cheap
barba beard
barbacoa barbecue
barbero barber
barbilla chin
barca boat
barítono baritone
barman bartender
barnizar to varnish
barómetro barometer
barquero boatman
barra bar / rod
barraca hut
barrer to sweep
barrera barrier
barrido sweep
barriga belly
barril barrel / keg
barrio neighborhood
barro mud
basquetbol basketball
bastardo bastard
basura garbage
bata bathrobe
batallar to battle
batería battery
batir to beat
baúl trunk / chest
bautismo baptism
bazar bazaar
bebé baby
beber to drink
beca scholarship
béisbol baseball
belleza beauty
bendecir to bless
beneficiar to benefit
benigno mild / benign
berenjena eggplant
besar to kiss
beso kiss
bestia beast
betún\tunes shoe polish
biberón baby's bottle
biblia bible
bibliografía bibliography
biblioteca library
bicarbonato baking soda
bicentenario bicentennial
bíceps biceps
bicicleta bicycle
bien well / good
bienaventurado blessed
bienestar welfare
bienvenido/a welcome
bife steak
bifocales bifocals
bigamia bigamy
bigote mustache
bikini bikini
billar pool
billete bill
bimensual twice a month
binario/a binary
biodegradable biodegradable
biofísica biophysics
biografía biography
biología biology
biomecánica biomechanics
biopsia biopsy
bioquímica biochemitry
biotecnología biotechology
bisabuelo/a great-grandfather
bisagra hinge
bisexual bisexual
bisnieto/a great-grandson
bistec steak
bisturí scalpel
bizcocho sponge cake
blanco/a white
blando/a soft
blasfemar to blaspheme
bloquear to block
blusa blouse
bobina bobbin / reel
bobo silly
boca mouth
bochorno embarrassment
bocina horn
boda wedding
bodega wine cellar
bofetear to slap
bohemio/a bohemian
boina beret
bola ball
boleta ticket
bolígrafo ballpoint pen
boliviano/a bolivian
bolsa bag
bomba bomb
bombear to pump
bombilla lightbulb
bombón candy
bondad goodness / kindness
bonificación\ciones bonus
bonito/a pretty
borde border
borracho/a drunk
borrar to erase
borrego/a lamb
bosque forest
bosquejar to sketch
bota boot
botánica botany
botar to throw
bote small boat
botella bottle
botiquín\quines first-aid kit
botón\tones button
boutique boutique
boxear to box
boztezar to yawn
bragueta fly / pants zipper
braille braille
brandy brandy
brasa ember
brasier brassiere
brasileño/a brazilian
bravo/a fierce / savage
brazalete bracelet
brazo arm
brea tar
breve brief
brigada brigade
brillar to shine
brincar to jump
brisa breeze
británico/a british
brizna strand
brocha paintbrush
broche fastener
brócoli broccoli
bromear to joke
bronca fight / row
bronce bronze
bronquitis bronchitis
brujería witshcraft
brújula compass
brusco/a abrupt
brutal brutal
budín\dines pudding
budismo buddhism
buenaventura good luck
bueno/a good / well
buey ox
búfalo buffalo
bufanda scarf
búho owl
buitre vulture
bujía spark plug
búlgaro/a bulgarian
bulto package
bumerán\ranes boomerang
buque ship
burbujear to bubble
burdel brothel
burlar to trick
burocracia bureaucracy
burro/a donkey
bus bus
buscar to look for / to seek
busqueda search
butaca armchair
buzo diver
byte byte
cabalgar to ride
caballería cavaldry
caballero gentleman
caballo horse
cabaña cabin / hut
cabaret\rets nigthclub / cabaret
cabello hair
cabeza head
cabina booth / cab
cable cable
cabra goat
cabrito kid(goat)
cacao cacao
cacarear to crow
cacería hunt
cacerola pan
cacharro thing
cachete cheek
cactus cactus
cadáver corpse
cadena chain
cadencia cadence
cadera hip
cadete cadet
caducar expire
caer to fall
café coffe
caída fall
caiman alligator
caja box
calabozo prison
calamar squid
calamidad calamity
calavera skull
calcetín\tines sock
calcio calcium
calcomanía decal
calcular to calculate
calefacción heating
calendario calendar
calentar to heat
calibre caliber
calidad quality
cálido hot
caliente hot
calificar to qualify
caligrafía panmanship
cáliz chalice
calle street
calma calm / quiet
calor heat
calumnia slander / libel
caluroso/a hot
calvo/a bald
calzada roadway
calzon\zones panties
cama bed
cámara camera
camarero/a waiter / waitress
camarón shrimp
camarote cabin / stateroom
cambiar to change
camellos camel
camilla stretcher
caminar to walk
camino road
camión truck
camisa shirt
camote sweet potato
campamento camp
campana bell
campaña countryside
campeón/peona champion
campesino/a farm
campiña countryside
campo field
caña cane
cana gray hair
canadiense canadian
canal canal / channel
canario canary
canasta basket
cancelar to cancel
cáncer cancer
cancha court / field
canciller chancellor
canción/ciones song
candado padlock
candela candle
candente red-hot
candidato candidate
canela cinnamon
cañería pipes
cangrejo crab
canguro kangaroo
caníbal cannibal
canino/a canine
canjear to exchange
canoa canoe
canonizar to canonize
canoso/a gray-haired
cansar to tire
cansarse get tired
cantar to sing
cantera quarry
cantidad quantity
cantimplora canteen / water bottle
cantina canteen / tavern
canto song
caos chaos
capa cape / cloak / coat
capacidad capacity
capataz\taces foreman
capaz\paces able
capellán\llanes chaplain
capilla chapel
capital capital
capitán/a captain
capitolio capitol
capítulo chapter
capricho whim
cápsula capsule
capturar to capture
caqui khaki
cara face
caracol snail
carácter/racteres character
característico characteristic
caramelo caramel
carátula mask / face
caravana caravan
carbohidrato carbohydrate
carbón\bones charcoal
carcajada loud laugh
cárcel jail / prison
cardenal cardinal
cardiáco/a cardiac
cardinal cardinal
cardiólogo/a cardiologist
carga to load
cargo charge
cariarse decay
caribe caribbean
caricatura caricature
caricia caress
caridad charity
cariño affection
caritativo/a charitable
carnal carnal
carne meat
carnero sheep
carnet card
carnicería butcher shop
carnívoro/a carnivorous
carnoso/a fleshy
caro/a expensive
carpa carp / tent
carpeta folder
carpintería carpentry
carpintero/a carpenter
carrera running
carretera highway
carrito troley / cart
carro car /wagon / automobile
carroña carrion
carroza carriage
carta letter
cartera briefcase
cartero/a mail carrier
cartílago cartilage
casa house
casar to marry
cascabel small bell
cascada waterfall
cascanueces nutcracker
casi almost
casino casino
cassette cassette
castaña chestnut
castaño/a chestnut
castañuela castanet
castellano spanish
castidad chastity
castigar to punish
castillo castle
castrar castrate
casual chance
cataclismo cataclysm
catalogar to catalog
catálogo catalog
catarata waterfall
catarro cold
catástrofe catastrophe
catecismo catechism
cátedra chair
catedral cathedral
catedrático/a professor
categoría category
catolicismo catholicism
católico/a catholic
catorce fourteen
catre cot
cauce riverbed
caucho rubber
causar to cause / provoke
cáustico/a caustic
cautela caution
cautivar to capture
cavar to dig
caverna cavern
cavidad cavity
cavilar to ponder
cazar to hunt
cd cd / compact disc
cebada barley
cebolla onion
cebra zebra
cédula document
ceja eyebrow
celebrar to celebrate
celda cell
célebre famous
celeste sky blue
celibato celibacy
celo zeal
celofán celophane
celoso/a jealous
célula cell
cementerio cementery
cemento cement
cena dinner
cenar to have dinner
cenicero ashtray
ceniza ash
censo census
censurar to censor
centavo cent
centenar hundred
centeno rye
centésimo/a hundredth
centigrado centigrade
centigramo centigram
centímetro centimeter
centinela sentinel
central central
centrar to center
centroamericano central american
cepillo brush
cera wax
cerámica ceramics
cerca fense / close / near
cercar to fence
cerda bristle
cerdo pig
cereal cereal
cerebro brain
ceremonia ceremony
cereza cherry
cero zero
cerrar to close
cerro hill
certeza certainty
certificar to certify
cerveza beer
cesar to cease
cesárea cesarean
césped grass
cesta basket
chacra farm
chal shawl
chaleco vest
chamarra jacket
champaña champagne
champiñón mushroom
champú shampoo
chancho pig
chantaje blackmail
chaqueta jacket
charlar chat
chauvinismo chauvinism
chef chef
cheque check
chequear to check
chícharo pea
chicharrón\rrones pork rind
chicle chewing gum
chico/a boy / girl
chile chili pepper
chileno/a chilean
chimenea chimney
chimpancé chimpanzee
chino/a chinese
chiquillo/a child
chisme gossip
chiste joke
choclo corn
chocolate chocolate
chofer driver
choque shock
chorizo sausage / chorizo
choza hut
chuleta cutlet / chop
chupar to suck
cíclico/a cyclical
ciclismo cycling
ciclo cycle
ciclón\clones cyclone
ciego/a blind
cielo sky / heaven
ciempiés centipede
cien a hundred
ciencia science
científico/a scientific
ciento one hundred
cierre closing
cierto/a true
cifra number / figure
cigarrillo cigarrette
cigueña stork
cilantro cilantro
cilindro cylinder
cinco five
cincuenta fifty
cine cinema / movies
circo circus
circuito circuit
circulación circulation
círculo circle
circuncidar to circumcise
circunferencia circumference
circunstancia circumstance
ciruela plum
cirugía surgery
cisne swan
cisterna cistern
cita appointment / date
cítrico citrus
ciudad city
ciudadano/a citizen
ciudadanía citizenship
cívico/a civic
civil civil
clamar to clamor
clan clan
clandestino/a clandestine
clara egg white
claramente clearly
claridad clarity / clearness
clarificar to clarify
clarividente clairvoyant
claro/a clearly / clear
clase class
clásico/a classic
clasificar to classify
claustro cloister
claustrofobia claustrophobia
cláusula clause
clausurar close
clavado dive
clavar to hammer
clave code
clavel carnation
clavícula collarbone
clavo nail / clove
clemencia clemency
clerical clerical
cliente/a customer / client
clima climate
climax climax
clip cilp
cloaca sewer
cloro chlorine
clóset\sets closet
club club
coagular to coagulate
coalición coalition
coartada alibi
cobarde coward
cobertizo shelter
cobertor bedspread
cobertura cover
cobijar to shelter
cobra cobra
cobrar to charge
cobre copper
cobro collection
cocaína cocaine
cocción\ciones cooking
cocer to cook
coche car / automobile / coach / carriage
cochino/a dirty
cocido/a cooked
cociente quotient
cocina kitchen
coco coconut
cocodrilo crocodrile
coctel cocktail
codicia greed
código code
codo elbow
codorniz\nices quail
coexistir to coexist
cofre coffer
coger to take
coherencia coherence
cohete rocket
coincidir to coincide
cojear to limp
cojín\jines cushion
cojo/a lame / wobbly
col cabbage
cola tail / line / glue
colaborar to collaborate
colapso collapse
colcha bedspread
colección collection
colectividad community
colector sewer
colega colleague
colegio school
cólera cholera
colesterol cholesterol
colgar to hang
colibr1 hummingbird
cólico colic
coliflor cauliflower
colilla butt
colina hill
coliseo coliseum
colisión\siones collision
collar necklace
colombiano/a colombian
colon colon
colonia colony
colonial colonial
coloquial colloquial
color color
colosal colossal
columna column
columpiar to swing
coma coma / comma
comadre godmother
comadreja weasel
comadrona midwife
comandancia command headquarters
comarca region
combatir to combat / fight
combinar to combine
combustible fuel
comedia comedy
comedor dining room
comenzar to begin / start
comer to eat
comercio commerce
cometa comet
cometer to commit
comicios elections
cómico/a comic
comida food
comienzo beginning
comillas quotation marks
comino cumin
comisario/ria commissioner
comisión\siones commission
comité commitee
como as / since / like
cómo how
cómoda chest of drawers
comodidad comfort
cómodo/a comfortable
comoquiera in any way
compacto/a compact
compadre godfather
compañero/a partner / companion
compañía company
comparar to compare
compartimiento compartment
compartir to share
compás compass
compasión\siones compassion
compatible compatible
compatriota compatriot
competir to compete
compilar to compile
complejidad complexity
complementar to complement
completar to complete
complexión\xiones constitution
complicar to complicate
cómplice accomplice
complot\plots conspiracy
componer to make up / compose
comportarse to behave
comportamiento behavior
composición\ciones composition
compostura composure
comprar to buy / purchase
comprender to comprehend / to understand
compresa compress
comprensión\siones compression
comprobar to check
comprometer to compromise
compuesto/a compound
compulsivo/a compelling
computar to compute
computadora computer
común\munes common
comunicar to communicate
comunicación\ciones communication
comunidad community
comunión\niones communion
comunismo communism
cóncavo/a concave
concebir to conceive
conceder to grant
concentrar to concentrate
concepción\ciones conception
concepto concept
concernir concern
concertar to arrange
concha shell
conciencia conscience
concierto concert
concilio council
concluir to conclude
conclusión\siones conclusion
concordar to agree
concretar to make concrete / specify
concurrir to meet
concursar to compete
condado county
condenar to condemn
condensar to condense
condición\siones condition
condimento seasoning / condiment
condominio condominium
condón condom
conducir to drive
conducta behavior
conducto duct
conductor/tora driver
conectar to connect
conejo/a rabbit
conexión\xiones connection
confeccionar to make / prepare
confederación\ciones confederation
conferencia conference
confesar to confess
confiar to trust
confidencia confidence
confidencial confidential
confidencialidad confidentiality
configuración\ciones configuration
confirmar to confirm
confitería candy store
conflicto conflict
confluencia confluence
confortar to comfort
confrontar to confront
confundir to confuse
confusión\siones confusion
congeniar to get along
congestión\tiones congestion
congratular to congratulate
congreso congress
conjunción\ciones conjuction
conjunto joint / outfit / band
conmemorar to conmemorate
conmigo with me
conmutador switch
cono cone
conocer to know / meet
conque so
conquistar to conquer
consagrar to consecrate
consciencia conscience
consecuencia consequence
consecutivo/a consecutive
conseguir to obtain
consejo advice
consentir to allow
conserje caretaker / janitor
conservar to conserve
considerar to consider
consiguiente consequence
consistir to consist
consolar to console
consolarse to console oneself
consolidar to consolidate
consomé consommé
consonante consonant
consorcio consortium
conspirar to conspire
constancia record / evidence
constar to consist / be evident
constatar to verify
constelación\ciones constellation
consternación\ciones consternation
constituir to constitute
construir to construct / build
consuelo consolation
consultar to consult
consumar to complete / consummate
consumir to consume
contabilidad accounting
contactar to contact
contado/a counted / numbered
contador/dora accountant
contagiar to infect / transmit
contaminar to contaminate
contar to count
contemplar to contemplate
contemporáneo/nea contemporary
contender to contend
contener to contain
contestar to answer / reply
contigo with you
contiguo/gua contiguous / adjacent
continente continent
contingencia contingency
continuar to continue
contra against
contraatacar to counterattack
contrabandista smuggler
contrabando smuggling / contraband
contracción contraction
contradecir to contradict
contraer to contract
contralto contralto
contrapartida counterpart
contrapeso counterbalance
contrarrestar to counteract
contraseña password
contratar to contract
contrato contract
contribuir to contribute
contrincante opponent
contrito contrito
controlar to control
controversia controversy
contundente forceful / blunt
convalecencia convalescence
convencer to convince
convención\ciones convention
convento convent
conversar to talk
conversión conversion
convertir to turn into / convert
convexo/a convex
convicción conviction
convidar to invite
convincente convincing
convivir to coexist / live together
convocar to convoke
conyugal conjugal
cooperar to cooperate
cooperación\ciones cooperation
coordenada coordinate
coordinar to coordinate
copa glass
copia copy
coquetear to flirt
coraje anger / courage
coral coral
coral choral
corán koran
corazón heart
corbata necktie / tie
corcho cork
cordel cord
cordero lamb
cordial warm
cordillera mountain range
córdoba cordoba (nicaraguin currency)
cordón cord
coreografía choreography
corneta bugle
coro chorus
corona crown / wreath / garland
coronel colonel
coronilla crown
corporación\ciones corporation
corporal corporal
corporativo/a corporative
corpulento stout
corral farmyard
correa strap / belt / leash
corrección\ciones correction
correctivo/a corrective
correcto/a correct
corredizo/a sliding
corredor/dora runner
corregir to correct
correlación\ciones correlation
correo mail
correr to run / race
corresponder to correspond / belong
corretear to run about / scamper
corrida run
corriente current
corromper to corrupt
corrosión\siones corrosion
corrupción\ciones corruption
corsé corset
cortar to cut
cortauñas nail clippers
corte cut
cortejo courtship
cortés courteous / polite
corteza crust / bark
cortina curtain
corto/a short
cosa thing
cosechar to harvest / reap
coser to sew
cosmético/a cosmetic
cósmico/a cosmic
cosmopolita cosmopolitan
cosmos cosmos
cosquillas tickle
costa coast
costado side
costar to cost
costarricense costa Rican
costilla rib
costo cost / price
costra scab
costumbre custom / habit
costura seam / sewing
cotidiano/a daily
cotizar to quote
coyote coyote
coyuntura join / situation
cráneo skull / cranium
crater crater
crear to create
creación\ciones creation
creativo/a creative
crecer to grow / increase
credenciales credentials
credibilidad credibility
crédito credit
credo creed
creer to believe
crema cream
cremación cremation
cremallera zipper
cremoso/a creamy
crepe pancake
crepúsculo dusk / twilight
crespo/a curly / frizzy
cresta crest
creyente believer
criar to raise / bring up
criatura creature
crimen crime
cripta crypt
crisis crisis
cristal crystal
cristiano/a christian
cristianismo christianity
cristo Christ
criterio criterion
criticar to criticize
cromo chromium
crónica chronicle
crónico/a chronic
cronología chronology
cronometrar to time / clock
croqueta croquette
cruce cross
crucero cruise
crucial crucial
crucificar to crucify
crucigrama crossword
crudo/a crude / raw
cruzar to cross
cuaderno notebook
cuadra block
cuadrado/a square
cuadragésimo/a forty / fortieth
cuadrilátero quadrilateral
cuadrilla group
cuadro picture / square / painting
cuadrúpedo quadrouped
cuadruple quadruple
cual as / like
cuál which / what
cualidad quality
cualquiera anyone
cuán how
cuando when
cuándo when
cuánto how much
cuarenta forty
cuarentena quarantine
cuartear to quarter
cuarteto quartet
cuarto/a quarter
cuarzo quartz
cuatro four
cuba cask
cubano/a cuban
cubeta bucket / keg
cúbico/a cubed / cubic
cubierta cover
cubrecama bedspread
cubrir to cover
cucaracha cockroach
cuchara spoon
cuchilla knife / blade
cuco cuckoo
cuello neck
cuenta count
cuerda cord
cuerno horn
cuero leather
cuerpo body
cuervo crow
cuestión\tiones matter / affair
cuidar to take care of
culebra snake
culo bottom
culpa fault
cultivar to cultivate
culto cultured
cumpleaños birthday
cumplir to accomplish / carry out
cuna cradle
cuñado/a brother-in-law / sister in law
cuota fee
cupo quota
cupón coupon
cúpula dome / cupola
cura cure
curiosear snoop
currículum curriculum vitae
cursiva italics
curso course
cúspide apex
custodia custody
cutícula cuticle
cutis skin
cuyo/a whose / of whom
dádiva handout
daltónico/a color-blind
dama lady
damnificar to damage
danés/nesa danish
danzar to dance
dañar to damage
dar to give
datar to date
dato data
de of / from
debajo underneath / under
debatir to debate
deber to owe
débil weak / feeble
débito debit
debutar to debut
década decade
decadencia decadence
decaer to decline
decano/a dean
decencia decency
decente decent
decepcionar to disappoint
decidir to decide
decimal decimal
décimo/a tenth
decimocuarto/a fourteenth
decimonoveno/a nineteenth
decimoquinto/a fifteenth
decimoséptimo/a seventeenth
decimosexto/a sixteenth
decimotercero/a thirteenth
decir to say / tell
decisión decision
declarar to declare
declinar to decline
declive decline
decolorar to bleach
decoloración decoration
decrépito/a decrepit
decretar to decree
dedal thimble
dedicar to dedicate
deducir to deduce
defectar to defecate
defecto defect
defender to defend
deferencia deference
deficiencia deficiency
déficit deficit
definir to define
deformar to deform
defraudar to defraud
degenerar to degenerate
degradar to degrade
degustar to taste
deidad deity
dejar to leave
delante ahead
delantera front
delatar to denounce
delegar to delegate
deleitar to delight
delfín dolphin
delgado/a thin
deliberar to deliberate
delicia delight
delimitar to delimit
delicuencia deliquency
delirante delirious
delito crime
delta delta
demacrado/a emaciated
demandar to demand
demás rest of the
demasiado too much
demencia madness
democracia democracy
demócrata democrat
democrático/a democratic
demoler to demolish
demonio demon
demorar to delay
demostrar to demonstrate
denegar to deny
denigrar to denigrate
denominador denominator
denotar to denote
densidad density
dental dental
dentro inside / in
denunciar to denounce
departamento department
depender to depend
dependencia dependency
deplorar to deplore
deportar to deport
deporte sport
depositar to deposit
depravado/a depraved
deprimir to depress
derecha right
derecho straight / rigth
deriva drift
derivada derive
derivación\ciones derivation
derramamiento bloodshed
derramar to spill
derrapar to skid
derretir to melt
derribar to demolish
derrochar to waste
derrotar to defeat
derrumbar to collapse
desabotonar to unbutton
desabrido/a bland / tasteless
desacreditar to discredit
desactivar to deactivate
desacuerdo disagreement
desafiar to defy
desafío challenge
desafortunado/a unfortunate
desagradar to displease
desagradecido/a ungrateful
desahogar to relieve
desahuciar to evict / deprive of hope
desalentar to discourage
desalojar to evacuate
desamparar abandon
desamueblado/a unfurnished
desangrarse to bleed / lose blood
desanimar to discourage
desanudar to untie
desaparecer to disappear
desapasionado/a dispassionate
desapercibido unnoticed
desaprobar to disapprove
desaprovechar to waste
desarreglar to mess up
desarrollar to develop
desarrollo development
desarticular to break up
desaseado/a dirty
desastre disaster
desatar to untie / to undo
desautorizado/a unauthorized
desayunar to have breakfast
desbaratar to ruin / destoy
descafeinado/a decaffeinated
descalificar to disqualify
descansar to rest
descargar to unload
descender to descend / go down
descifrar to decipher / decode
descolgar to take down
descomponer to break down
desconectar to disconnect
desconfiar to distrust
descongelar to defrost
descongestionante descongestant
desconsiderado/a inconsiderate
desconsolar to distress
descontar to discount
descontento/a dissatisfied
descontinuar to discontinue
descortés\teses discourteous / rude
descremado/a skim / nonfat
describir to describe
descubierto/a discovered
descubrir to discover
descuento discount
descuidar to neglect
desde from / since
desdicha misfortune / misery
desear to wish
desechar to reject / trow away
desembarcar to disembark
desempañar to play a role
desempleo unemployment
desencadenar to unchain
desencajar to dislocate
desencanto disillusionment
desenchufar to unplug / disconnect
desengañar to disillusion
desenlace ending
desenmascarar to unmask
desenrollar to unroll
desenterrar to dig up / disinter
deseo desire
desequilibrar to unbalance
desertar to desert
desesperar to exasperate
desestimar to reject
desfallecer to weaken
desfigurar to disfigure
desfilar to march / parade
desgarrar to tear / rip
desgastar to wear away
desgracia misfortune
deshabitado/a uninhabited
deshacer to undo
desheredar to disinherit
deshidratar to dehydrate
deshilachar to unravel
deshonesto/a dishonest
deshonrar to dishonor
desierto/a desert
designar to designate
designio plan
desigual unequal
desilucionar to disillusion / disappoint
desinfectar to disinfect
desinflar to deflate
desinhibido/a uninhibited
desinteresado/a unselfish
desleal disloyal
desleír to dissolve / dilute
desmantelar to dismantle
desmejorar to get worse
desmentir to deny
desmontar to dismantle / take apart
desnudar to undress
desnutrición malnutrition
desobedecer to disobey
desobediencia disobedience
desobediente disobedient
desocupar to vacate / empty
desodorante deodorant
desorden disorder
desorganizar to disorganize
despacio slowly
despavorido/a terrified
despedir to dismiss / fire
despegar to take off / detach / unstick
despeinar to ruffle
despejar to clear
desperdiciar to waste
desperfecto flaw / defect
despertar to wake up
despido dismissal / layoff
despierto awake
desplomarse to collapse
desplumar to pluck
despoblado/a uninhabited
despreciar to despise / scorn
desprender to give off / remove
despreocupado/a carefree
desprestigiar to discredit
desprevenido/a unprepared
después afterwards / then
desquiciar to drive crazy
destacar to emphasize / outstanding
destapar to open
destellar to flash
desteñir to fade
desterrar to exile
destierro exile
destinar to assign
destituir to dismiss
destornillar to unscrew
destreza skill
destrozar to destroy
destrucción destruction
desunir to split / divide
desvalido/a destitute / needy
desvanecer to make disappear
desventaja disadvantage
desventura misfortune
desviación deviation
detectar to detect
detener to stop
detergente detergent
deteriorar to damage
determinar to determine
detestar to detest
detonar to detonate / explode
detrás behind
deuda debt
devastar to devastate
devoción devotion
devolución return
devorar to devour
devoto/a devotee / devout
día day
diabetes diabetes
diablo devil
diafragma diaphragm
diagnosticar to diagnose
diagonal diagonal
diagrama diagram
dialecto dialect
dialogar to have a talk
diamante diamond
diámetro diameter
diana reveille
diario/ria newspaper
diarrea diarrhea
dibujar to draw
diccionario dictionary
dicha happiness
diciembre december
dictar to dictate
diecinueve nineteen
dieciocho eighteen
dieciséis sixteen
diecisiete seventeen
diente tooth
diesel diesel
diestra right hand
dieta diet
diez ten
difamar to slander / libel
diferencia difference
diferir to differ
difícil difficult
difteria diphtheria
difundir to spread
difunto/a deceased
difusión\siones diffusion
dígito digit
dignarse deign to
dignatario/ria dignitary
digresión\ciones digression
dilatar to expand / dilate
dilema dilemma
diligencia diligence
diluir to dilute
diluvio flood
dimensión\siones dimension
diminuto/a tiny
dinámico/a dynamic
dinamita dynamite
dínamo dynamo
dinastía dinasty
dineral fortune
dinero money
dinosaurio dinosaur
dios/diosa god / goddes
diploma diploma
diplomacia diplomacy
diplomático/a diplomat / diplomatic
diputación\ciones delegation
dirección address / direction
director/tora director / manager
dirigencia leadership
dirigente leader / director
dirigir to direct
discernir to discern
disciplinar to discipline
discípulo/a disciple
disco disc / disk / discus
discordante discordant
discoteca disco
discreción\ciones discretion
discreto/a discreet
discriminar to discriminate
disculpar to excuse
discurso speech / discourse
discutir to discuss
disentería dysentery
diseñar to design
disertación dissertation
disfrazar to disguise
disfrutar to enjoy
disgustar to upset / annoy
disidente dissident
diskette floppy disk / diskette
dislexia dislexia
dislocar to dislocate
disminuir to reduce / decrease
disolver to dissolve
disparar to shoot
disparo sho
dispensar to dispense
dispersar to disperse
disponer to arrange
disposición\ciones disposition / arrangement
dispositivo device
dispuesto/a prepared / ready
disputar to dispute / argue
distanciar to distance
distingguier to distinguish
distorsión distortion
distraer to distract
distribuir to distribute
distrito district
disturbio disturbance
diurno/a day / daytime
diván couch / divan
diversidad diversity
diversificar to diversify
divertir to entertain
dividendo dividend
dividir to divide
divinidad divinity
división\siones division
divorciar to divorce
divulgar to divulge / reveal
doblar to double
doce twelve
docente teaching
dócil docile
doctor/tora doctor
doctrina doctrine
documentar to document
dogma dogma
dólar dollar
doler to hurt
domesticar to domesticate
domicilio home / residence
dominar to dominate
domingo sunday
dominio authority
dominó dominoes
don gift / talent
donar to donate
donde where
dónde where
dondequiera anywhere
doquier anywhere
dormir to sleep
dos two
dosis dose
dotar to equip / provide
dragón dragon
drama drama
drástico/a drastic
drenar to drain
droga drug
dromedario dromedary
dual dual
ducha shower
duda doubt
duelo duel
duende elf
dueño/a owner
dulce candy / sweet
duna dune
dúo duo
duodécimo/a twelfth
dúplex duplex
duplicar to duplicate / copy
duque duke
durabilidad durability
duración duration
duradero/a lasting / durable
durante during
durar to last
durazno peach
duro hard
ébano ebony
ebrio/bria drunk
ebullición boiling
echar to throw / cast
eclipse eclipse
eco echo
ecología ecology
economía economy
ecosistema ecosystem
ecuación equation
ecuador equator
ecuatoriano/a ecuadorian
ecuestre ecuestrian
edad age
edición edition / publishing
edicto edict
edificar to build
editar to publish
edredón comforter
educar to educate
efectivo/a cash / effective
efervescente effervescent
eficaz\caces effective
eficiente efficient
efímero/a ephemeral
efusivo/a effusive
agipcio/a egyptian
ego ego
egresar to graduate
eje axis
ejecutar to execute
ejecutivo executive
ejemplar exemplary / issue
ejemplo example
ejercer to exercise / practice
ejército army
el/a the
él he / him
elaborar to elaborate
elástico/a elastic
elección election
electricidad electricity
electrodo electrode
electrodoméstico electric appliance
electromagnético/a electromagnetic
electrón electron
electrónico/a electronic
electrónica electronics
elefante elephant
elegir to choose / select
elemento element
elenco cast
elevar to elevate / raise
eliminar to eliminate
elipse ellipse
elite elite
elixir elixir
ella she / her
ello it
ellos/as they / them
elocuente eloquent
elocuencia eloquence
elogiar to praise
eludir to elude / avoid
emancipar to emancipate
embajada embassy
embarazar to embarrass / make pregnant
embarcar to embark / board
embarque boarding
embaucar to trick
embellecer to embellish
emblema emblem
émbolo piston
emborracharse to get drunk
embotellar to bottle
embriagarse to get drunk
embrión embryo
embrollo tangle
embrujar to bewitch
embrutecer to brutalize
embudo funnel
emergencia emergency
emerger to emerge
emigrar to emigrate
eminente eminent
emitir to emit
emoción emotion
emocional emotional
empacar to pack
empalagoso/a cloying
empanada pie
empapar to soak
empapelar to wallpaper
emparentado/a become related
empastar to fill with paste
empedernido inveterate
empeñar to pawn
empeorar to get worse
empequeñecer to diminish
emperador emperor
empezar to begin / start
empírico/a empirical
emplear to use / employ
empobrecer to impoverish
empotrar to fit / build into
emprender to undertake
empresa company
empujar to push
emular to emulate
en in / into / inside / on
enagua petticoat / slip
enaltecer to praise
enamorar to win the love of
enamorarse to fall in love
enano/a dwarf
encabezar to head
encadenar to chain
encanecer to turn gray
encantar to enchant
encarar to face
encarcelar to jail / imprisob
encarnar to embody
encender to light / switch on / set fire to
encerrar to lock up
enchilada enchilada
enchufar to plug in / connect
encía gum tissue
encíclica encyclical
enciclopedia encyclopedia
encierro confinement
encima on top
encinta pregnant
encoger to shrink
encomienda mission / charge
encontrar to find
encorvar to bend / curve
encrucijada crossroads
encuadernar to bind
encuadrar to fit / frame
encubrir to conceal / cover
encuentro encounter / meeting
encuestar to poll
endemoniado/a possessed / wicked
enderezar to straighten
endeudarse to go into debt
endiablado/a diabolical
endulzar to sweeten
endurecer to harden
enema enema
enemigo/a enemy
energía energy
enero january
enésimo/a for the umpteenth time
enfadar to get upset / annoy / make ungry
enfatizar to emphasize
enfermar to become ill / make sick
enflaquecer to lose weight
enfocar to focus
enfrentar to confront
enfriar to cool
enfurecer to infuriate
engañar to deceive / trick / cheat on
engendrar to beget / engender
engomar to glue
engordar to get fat / fatten
engrandecer to enlarge
engrasar to lubricate / grease
engreído/a conceited
enhorabuena congratulations
enigma enigma
enjaular to cage
enjuagar to rinse
enlace link
enlatar to can
enlazar to link
enloquecer to drive crazy
enmarcar to frame
enmascarar to mask
enojar to anger
enorgullecer to make proud
enorme enormous
enredadera vine
enriquecer to enrich
enrojecer to blush / redden
enrolar to enlist
enrollar to coil / roll up
ensalada salad
ensalzar to praise
ensamblar to assemble
ensangrentado/a bloody
enseguida immediately
enseñar to teach
ensuciar to soil
ensueño dream / fantasy
entender to understand
enterar to find out / inform
enternecer to touch
entero/a whole
enterrar to bury
entibiar to cool
entidad organization / entity
entierro burial
entonar to intone
entonces then
entorpecer to obstruct
entrada entrance / entry
entrar to enter
entre between / among
entregar to deliver / give
entrenar to train
entretanto meanwhile
entretener to entertain
entrevistar to interview
entristecer to sadden
entusiasmo enthusiasm
entusiasta enthusiastic
enumerar to enumerate
enunciar to enunciate
envasar to package
envejecer to age
envenenar to poison
enviar to send
envidiar to envy
envío shipment / sending
envolver to surround / wrap
enyesar to plaster
épico/a epic
epidemia epidemic
epilepsia epilepsy
epílogo epilogue
episodio episode
epitafio epitaph
época epoch / period
equilátero/a equilateral
equilibrar to balance
equinoccio equinox
equipaje luggage / baggage
equipar to equip
equipo equipment / team
equitación horseback
equitativo/a equitable
equivocar to mistake
equivocarse to make a mistake
era era
erección erection
erguir to raise
erizo hedgehopg
ermitaño/a hermit
erosión erosion
erosionar to erode
erótico erotic
errar to be mistaken / miss
error error / mistake
eructar to burp
erudito/a erudite
erupción\ciones eruption
esbelto/a slim / slender
esbozar to outline / sketch
escabel footstool
escalar to climb
escalera stairs
escalofrío shiver / chill
escama scale / flake
escandalizar to scandalize
escándalo scandal
escandinavo/a scandinavian
escáner to scanner
escapar to escape / run away
escaparate store window
escape leak / escape
escarabajo beetle
escarbar to dig / poke
escarlata scarlet
escena scene
esceptismo skepticism
esclarecer to clarify
esclavo/a slave
esclerosis sclerosis
escoba broom
escocer to sting
escocés scottish
escoger to choose
escolar student / pupil
escolta escort
esconder to hide / conceal
escopeta shotgun
escoria slag / dregs
escorpión\piones scorpion
escote neckline
escotilla hatchway
escribir to write
escrito/a written
escritor/tora writer
escritorio desk
escritura handwriting / deed
escrúpulo scruple
escuadra square / fleet
escuchar to listen / heard
escudo shield
escuela school
esculpir to sculpt
ese/a that
esos those
ése/a that one
ésos those ones
esencia essence
esfera sphere
esfinge sphinx
esforzar to strain
esfumarse to disappear / fade away
eslavo/a slavic
esmaltar to enamel
esmeralda emerald
esmoquin tuxedo
eso that
esófago esophagus
espada sword / spades
espagueti spaghetti
espalda back
espantar to frighten / scare
español/ñola spanish
esparcir to scatter / spred
espárrago asparagus
espasmo spasm
espátula spatula
especial special
especie species
especificar to specify
espectáculo show / performance / spectacle
especulación\ciones speculation
espejo mirror
esperar to hope / wait
esperma sperm
espesar to thicken
espiar to spy
espina thorn
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