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Chemistry Test 8th


is the study of the properties of matter and how matter changes Chemistry
anything that has mass and takes up space Matter
3 types of matter: solid, liquid, gas
particles made of crystals arranged in a regualr pattern Crystalline solid
give 3 examples of a crystalline solids sugar, salt, quartz
particles are not arranged in a regualr pattern; does not melt a a regular temp amorphous solid
3 examples of amorphous solids rubber, plastic, glass
has a definite volume but no definite shape; take shape of container it is in Liquid
water molecules are strongly attracted to each other and form a type of skin at the surface surface tension
liquids resistance to flowing viscosity
slow flow high viscosity
quick flow low viscosity
2 examples of high viscosity honey, syrup
2 examples of low viscosity water,gas
no definite shape/volume; particles move to spread out to fill all the space availble gas
a single kind of matter; has a specific set of properties pure substance
give and example of a pure substance anything on the periodic table
two or more substances mised togther but not checimally combinded. Each substance in a mixture keeps its individual properties. not mixed to a set ratio mixtures
in what type of mixture can you see the different parts? hetergenenous mixture
give and example of a hetergenous mixture salad
in what type of mixture cant you see the different parts? homogenous mixture
example of a homogenous mixture sugar in water, air
a well mixed mixture containing a slovent and at least on solute that has the same properties throughout solution
a pure substance that cannot be broken down into substances by checimal or physcial means elements
a pure substance made up of two or more elements checimallt combinde compounds
give and example of a compound water
a change in a substance that does not change its identity-any phase change physcial change
change in matter that produces one or more new substances differ from the orignal substance; change in identity checimal change
give an example of a physcial and checimal change P: bending C:burning
change in state from solid to liquid melting
change in state from liquid to solid freezing
change in state from liquid to gas vaporization
vaporization from the surface of a liquid evaporation
liquid changes to gas below and at the surface temp.--causes bubbles boiling
change in state from gas to liquid.this is the opposite of vaporization. particles of gas loose enough thermal energy to turn to a liquid condensation
solids do not pass through a liquid phase as they go directly from a solid to gas sublimation
what is being dissloved solute
what is doing the dissolving slovent
a measurment of how much solute can dissolve into a solution at a given temp solubility
a solvent that can hold more solute unsaturated solution
a solvent that cant hold anymore sloute saturated solution
a solution that appears to be saturated but can still hold more solute when heated supersaturated solution
something that will not dissolve in a certain solvent insoluble
name 3 ways to make a sloute dissolve fater: 1. stir/shake 2. change amt of solvent/solute 3.increase temp of solvent
is a mixture that has only a little solute dissolved in a certain amount of slovent dilute solution
is a solution that has a lot of solute dissolved in the solvent concentrated solution
is a mixture in which particles can be well seen and easily seperated by filtration. suspension
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